[A] <Geared and Useless> Late Night/Early Morning Guild

is looking for more members that are returning for TBC or who have ambitions to raid/clear content.

Looking for players that are active during the late evening to the early morning. Wanting to create a friendly atmosphere for the late night lurkers to always have people to game with.

Currently looking for all roles and classes to fill out our roster. Hoping to have a full roster before heading into TBC that way we have more flexibility for people that can’t make it certain nights.

We are also accepting new players that are coming to classic and are just starting to level up!

Targeted raid times will be around 1 AM - 3 AM PST. These hours can shift to the right depending on peoples preferences.

If you want any more information you can add me in game (Judgements), Battle.net (Recon#1152), or on discord (Holy#5225).