A GDKP clarification question

Please, it’s obvious what a GDKP is. One guy trading his won roll for gold is not the same thing.

just concerned how the flagging system works. I mean honestly I can think of 30 ways around the whole situation that seem very black market hush hush ways of doing things. But I’m not about that gdkp lifestyle I’ve seen it ruin a server economy, really sucks when you’re using 7k in consumables per week for raids, just because that’s what it costs because of the gold demand the server has and the influx it gets from addition sources.

Why isn’t it? Wouldn’t this promote RMT? This is exactly why I quit the first guild I was in – a known gold buyer whispered the winner of the Honed Sword and offered him 125g for the sword.

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Still up to the player to agree to the deal. Loot got normally distributed to the player. What happens afterwards? Who can say.

Everyone in a GDKP already agrees going into it and everyone else gets a cut of that payout.

What you’re promoting is actually far worse than GDKP because 1 player in a 10 man can buy gold and just offer obscene gold for every piece of equipment that drops that he needs.

Key word here. Much different from how GDKP operates.

So how do you react when someone else offers more gold? Then it becomes a bid war…functionally no different to a GDKP. I’d love to hear the explanation why you support this but not GDKP

This kind of thing is actually worse than gdkps, at least gdkps have a set of rules and standards that everybody agrees to before the raid

We’re talking about whispers here. How would other players know who is offering more gold in a whisper?

Player 1 whispers: Hey I’ll buy that for x gold
Player 2 whispers: Hey I’ll by that for xy gold
Player 3 whispers Player 1: Player 2 just offered xy
Player 1 whispers: Ok how about xyz gold?

Now you’re entering the territory of what GDKP does. Bid wars where all parties are aware of the stakes. That would be wrong to do.

I’d say it’s fine as long as you keep it private.

Something that’s impossible to do without either ignoring or lying to the other party

My example here was over in era so rag dropped band of accuria someone won it offered another member of the raid (All guild mind you because I’m anti pug) like 2k for it, was just traded flat out. Now personally 2k over in era isn’t an absurd amount for me to say hey this guy buys gold or anything like that. It’s just more so the person that won the item really didn’t care about upgrades and would rather of had the gold. Think it was more an alt over main thing. As in the alt had won the roll over the main. But this is just my hypothetical question of does that honestly result in a ban? Because it’s not really a gdkp. I think they need to really break down what qualifies.

They were pretty clear. If the amount of gold you have in any way affects the gear you get in a raid/dungeon it is bannable

Two different things. We’re talking about the raid leader awarding gear with a normal loot system. The item is in the correct player’s inventory, and not awarded via gold trading.

Now, if AFTER that happens players start whispering you to buy it from you, that’s not GDKP.

Keep in mind, this is impossible to do with Epic rarity items. Purples cannot be traded after it enters your inventory.

So you’re saying the item was ultimately awarded to a buyer in exchange for gold? Banned.

Incorrect, see my situation above. Band of accuria being an epic and was awarded traditionally. later bought by another member.

I’m talking about SoD. In ERA, epics have that same “can be traded in 2 hours” tag. However, for SoD, epics do not have that. You can’t offer a player gold to trade their epic items.

You can trade raid items in SoD regardless of them being blue or purple. Correct me if I’m wrong there though.

Let us know how it goes :+1: