[A] [Frostmourne] <Worthy> Recruiting for 10.1 Team

Are you a decent player who is sick of pugging and looking for a new home?

Or perhaps a former hardcore player who doesn’t have 4 nights to raid anymore?

Worthy 8/8H VOTI is an Aussie guild formed at the start of 2014. We are a mix of player base, ranging from ex-cutting edge members through to players picking up the game for the first time.

About us:

  • We’re a (mostly) mature bunch who love WoW but don’t have as much time as we used to
  • We’re looking to build not just a raid team, but a friendly and tight-knit community
  • We have a very low tolerance for elitism, toxicity, and general drama
  • Our aim for each tier is primarily AOTC and Keystone Master/Hero for those interested in pushing keys. We may attempt a few early Mythic bosses when we get to a stable team of 20 if there is enough interest, but won’t be extending to more than 1 night or aiming for CE
  • Our leadership team is friendly and welcoming to all
  • Outside of raiding we’re keen on M+ and have several Keystone Hero groups running nightly for keys

Our raid time:

  • 7pm – 11pm AEDT (ST) Wed
  • At the start of new tiers we sometimes run an optional 2nd night on Sundays where we focus on Normal/alt clears where there is enough interest from members

We’re looking for players who:

  • Are friendly and have a great attitude to raiding – patience and a willingness to learn and receive constructive feedback are desired attributes. We don’t claim to be god tier players either – so we’ll always be open to feedback and suggestions from you in return!
  • Ideally have previously experienced some form of high-level raiding in WoW (e.g. AOTC+), but lacking in time to commit to a hardcore Mythic guild
  • Will research every fight prior to raid night and come prepared
  • As a bunch of (mostly) mature gamers we will always strongly encourage and support members to put RL over gaming, however as we will be raiding on limited hours/days, we need people who will reliably show up most of the time, and notify us in advance if they can’t

Specific recruitment needs:

  • Various DPS roles, please see most recent post
  • TANK position is currently open to 10.1
  • Preferably at least above the average Normal raid ilvl, and decent logs from recent H raiding
  • Key pushers also very welcome! (Basically everybody on the raid team has earned KSM each season and a handful have also pushed up to timing 20s for ports)

If you’re interested or would like to have a friendly chat to find out more more, please contact artakra#1359 on Discord or Artakra#1748 on bnet.

Current DPS positions available:


1x Tank position also available.

But always open to any dps/exceptional players.

Bump! Come join our fun team!


Tank and some DPS spots are still open for 10.1