[A] Frostmourne <Valhalla> Team Fenrir recruiting for 10.2 Thursday/Sunday 8-11pm

Fenrir Raid team was formed in 10.1 of Dragonflight. We are a part of the Valhalla guild on Khaz cluster, and are on the Frostmourne server. Fenrir aims to achieve CE in 10.2. Fenrir is a merge of 2 Valhalla teams who achieved 5/9M and 8/9M in AtSC. We like to have a fun and chill raid environment while killing pixels 2 nights a week. We do not tolerate any form of toxic, elitist or drama in the raid team.

  1. Currently 9/9N - 9/9H and 4/9 Mythic. Looking for an Augmentation Evoker who can possibly flex as healer


Thursday – 8:00-11:00 (Server Time)
Sunday - 8:00 - 11:00 (Server Time)
Monday - 8:00 - 11:00 (Server Time) - First 3 weeks of a new Raid Tier


First and foremost, raiders who enjoy the game and can dedicate 2 nights a week with the goal of CE each tier
Raiders who can attend our raid nights with near perfect attendance (We understand real life is more important, just let us know if you cannot make raid with enough notice)
Raiders who want a positive and constructive raid environment and are able to learn from mistakes quickly and desire to build a team that functions together



Prepared relaxed raid atmosphere that enjoys banter during trash but is focused for
Banquets, Vantus Runes and Potion Cauldrons
Having strategies planned for each encounter and communicating these strategies to everyone.
Cultivating and encouraging a relaxed environment for everyone.
Providing constructive feedback in a timely manner.
Taking everyone’s suggestions into consideration (outside of raid time unless asked during raids).
Be open to player feedback.


Come to raid with knowledge and understanding of the raid, and specifically, boss mechanics.
Be online 7:45 so we can start raid on time
As nice as it is to get Orange and Pink parses the goal is to achieve CE which means perform your role in the fight and do your job!
(The leads evaluate players based on how well they can do their jobs, follow instructions, and avoid mechanics, in addition to your dps/hps.)

No toxicity/elitism. Your suggestions are valued (but remember time and place), please feel free to speak up. Just remember, there is another human on the other side of discord.
Be open to feedback and remember we may ask you to sit for some bosses or play an alt to help counter mechanics. There is nothing personal with this decision. At times, having the right raid composition is essential.
Obtain 3 Cache’s from M+ each week (18+ to obtain Mythic track options)
Phials / Raid Consumables (Heal Potions, Runes, armor kits etc)

If you think you will be a good fit for Fenrir, please reach out to the raid leads on discord or fill out our application form.

Noven - .psalms (Discord)
Only - moistyoysty13 (Discord)
Korrz - korzz (Discord)
Juggs - Juggarnautt (Discord)

Bump - LF a full time healer or a dps with heal OS

Bump still LF Exceptional healer and dps to join us for 10.2

Bump still lf a full time healer with a preference for Druid or Pres evoker to join us

  1. Currently 9/9N - 6/9H. Looking for a a pumper healer who can flex as a dps or a dps who can flex as a healer.

9/9H AOTC as of last night. LF exceptional dps with a preference for enhance shaman, Rogue and Mage

3/9M tonight! LF exceptional dps to join us

Bump 4/9M this week. Still LF exceptional dps

Bump - LF Exception healer with the preference for priest to join our team. 4/9M Currently progging Larodar

Holy Paladin main, Priest Alt looking to return to mythic raiding after a break for work. Was 4/9 last tier (almost killed Rashok too)

My discord is Starkz6 if you wanna chat.