[A] Frostmourne - Returning Player LF Social/Raiding Guild

Hi there, I am a returning player who has rerolled as an Alliance on Frostmourne. I have been looking for a guild for several days and have tried posting in SW and also tried the guild search window as well, and no one has replied to my applications on there either. So I am now looking here for a guild.
I play a Ret/Prot Paladin, and I’d like to learn to tank more, I just prefer not to tank in PUGs and would much prefer tanking for guildies.
Last time I played was in 2019, but I only got to max level in BfA and then stopped. My raiding experience is mainly from BC and WOTLK. I dabbled a bit in Mists and WoD but my biggest raiding experience was in WOTLK.
I am an older player so I do have other priorities outside of WoW but for the most part, I’m happy to play as much as possible.
My time zone is GMT+8 and I’m free most days unless I have work. (I work from home)
I am looking for a casual to semi casual social guild that also likes to do raids and mythics. So if you are guild looking for new recruits, I hope you will consider me. It’s been pretty lonely leveling up atm, and would love to make some new guild friends.
Hope to hear from you soon. :slight_smile:


Legenda-Frostmourne(A) reformed on July 2022 is a sister guild of Legenda-Nagrand (H).
The original guild on Nagrand is 7/10M (Season 1) 5/10M (Season 2) & 11/11H (Season 3)

We are Malaysian guild and we are looking for more players to join our ranks for heroic and
mythic raids S4 Shadowlands and Dragonflight.

Our raid time :
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday at Server time 2300PM-0130AM(GMT+8 time zone is 9.00 - 1130).

high attendance
knowledge of your class & how to play it
knowledge of the fights
previous raiding experience in mythic preferred.

Currently recruiting:
all specs.

Please contact Loqlaq-Frostmourne / Syrer#11940 or Mafilax-Frostmourne /Mafilax# 6830 for more information. M+ pushers and casuals also welcome to join .


Mispeled is a social GMT+8 AoTC guild on Aman’thul cluster. We are open to cross realm raiders, and a number of our regular team are from Frostmourne.

We also have an in-game community, in addition to guild, though most organisation is done via discord. If you are interested then suggest could join both, get to know us and take it from there.

In the meantime bit more about us, we are a smaller guild and raid team is about 14 to 15 people though normally at start of expansion or patches we push 20 people. Most players are from Western Australia / Singapore / Malaysia plus a couple of insomniacs from eastern states or NZ. Some of us have played together since WotLK.

A few members push KSM in M+, some do one or two here or there and some others run away screaming - we encourage people to try and get their weekly vault but if it isn’t their thing then that is fine and not a prerequisite for other group content.

We are full of altholics and at the moment bunch of us levelling up alts for the guild Classy achievement - because it is there.

Plenty of mount / pet / transmog / achievement chasers .

If want to have a chat contact me through Bnet Terwin#1978

Hi again.
So I finally got Dragonflight today and am on the lookout for a GMT+8 Alliance guild on Frostmourne. Does anyone have a casual guild for me to join? I do work, so I really am looking for something casual. Looking for more of a friendly community that can raid/do mythics etc but on a casual basis. I of course have to get to 70, but I hope I can find a guild willing to take me in.

Howdy, Soradusk!
I have to start by saying that we’re Not on Frostmourne :frowning: BUT we match everything else you’re looking for to a T.

Aspen & Honey is a super casual Alliance social/leveling guild on the Azuremyst server. We’re small (we just started up last week) but we’re a very kind, helpful, friendly group of players of various levels and skill sets. Any raids/mythics that are run are PUG started by other players. I myself am currently leveling in the hopes of getting into mythics, so you wouldn’t be out of place at all :slight_smile:

If you ever make any alts or feel up to jumping servers, you’d absolutely be welcome. If not, though, I totally understand and wish you the best of luck in your guild hunt! Feel free to chat me via battlenet Gladejade#1343 with any questions.

That sounds so good, but moving servers is pretty expensive… And I really don’t want to start again. I’m sorry. It sounds so good too… :frowning: Thanks for reaching out though. I’d be happy to be friends though and maybe PUG stuff together in the future?