[A] Frostmourne <Reckoning> is recruiting! | GMT+8 | ASC 9/9M | VOI Hall of Fame 8/8M

Reckoning is a GMT+8 Guild looking to bolster our team with quality raiders in 10.2.

Aberrus 9/9M - CE
Vault of the Incarnates 8/8M - CE & HOF

Raids Times: GMT+8 (9pm - 12am)/AEST (11am - 2am)
Days: Wednesday/Thursday/Monday

Please note that our times are NOT server time and we will not adjust our raid timings when DST hits or drops.

Our goal is simple; achieve Cutting Edge in a reasonable time without sacrificing the fun aspects of progression raiding.

Raiding can sometimes be an emotional rollercoaster but we enjoy progression raiding a lot, together with all the nuances it brings. We have fun but we balance that with the right amount of raid discipline and seriousness needed to achieve our goals for the tier.

We value raiders who;

  • Prepares for raid encounters in advance
  • Are responsible when it comes to attending raids
  • Knows and understands the capabilities of their class and spec
  • Demonstrate said capabilities well during raids
  • Contribute to the raid’s ability to kill bosses, even if it means they won’t look good on meters
  • Contribute to encounter discussions outside of raid times

We are primarily from South East Asia and Australia.

Recruitment: Any exceptional players are welcome to speak to us, no matter the
class. Our recruitment ideology is to recruit the player, not the class.

That being said, the classes we are looking for are:

Melee DPS:
All class and specs.

Range DPS:
All classes & specs

All classes & specs

You can reach us by joining our Discord or sending in an application!
Discord tag: Lacaz#6917 or splitfinity

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Hello, I am an experienced player from Singapore, previously got CE in Nyalotha and CN, guild died mid SOD and I didnt do any serious raiding from then till now and am looking to get back into raiding.

I don’t have any ranged dps at the moment, have a warrior and DK and am able to tank and dps, and am most comfortable on those 2 classes. Might be able to play ranged evoker but need to test out the class first.

You can reach me at my discord tag Zilentwurfs#3525 for a more detailed chat or if you think I can be a good fit for your team. Cheers!

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Bump! Apply now :slight_smile:

Bump! Apply now :slight_smile:

Bump! Apply now :smiley:

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contact us for more info!

bump! come join us!

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bump, still looking for peeps to take into DF raiding!


bump, dragons in a week

Hi All, I have added you on discord and sent a message on there. Please can someone link me to the recruitment page to do an application.

Many thanks

bump, roster ready, just waiting for dragons

bump for dragons

bump, roster ready, just waiting for dragons

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Looking for any exceptional players