[A] Frostmourne <Probability> recruiting for Mythic | 7/9M 10.2 - Wed/Thu 7:30 - 10:30pm

We’re looking to add a couple players to flesh out our roster for mythic progression in 10.2.

We raid Wed/Thurs 7:30-10:30pm server time as well as the odd Monday (7:30-10:30 SVT) for the first few weeks of the patch and towards the end of the patch as we push for CE.
We reached 7/9M in Aberrus and our goal is to reach CE in 10.2 :slightly_smiling_face: (currently AOTC and 7/9M).

Specific classes we are after include:

  • 1-2 ranged spots (ideally not a hunter)

To raid with us, you’ll need:

  • A deep understanding of your class and how to be most effective on each fight
  • An ilvl of 480+
  • Experience from mythic raiding in Amirdrassil ( we are willing to consider less if you have past mythic experience)
  • Logs you’re proud of

If you’re interested, message me on Discord @parobola to chat more!

What we can offer you:

Consistency. We maintain a roster of around 26 people. While that does mean that occasionally you’ll be on the bench, it also means we never cancel raid because someone is away. We have backup tanks, healers, and raid leads. If it’s a raid night, we’re raiding. (It also means you can go on holiday and take a week off lol)

Organisation. You’ll know in advance what we’re fighting, and how you’ll need to prepare. Our raid lead comes in with clear strats and strong leadership, and while we’re always open to adjusting as we learn, we never go in blind.

The best vibes. We’re biased, but we’re nice to hang out with. We’ve been described as “friendly, sweaty, and a tiny bit toxic”. We’re mostly based in Australia and in our 20s and 30s. Our team has professionals, tradies, parents, people who love dogs, people who hate dogs (they’re wrong). We love to talk trash on Discord. When we’re not raiding, we’re often hanging out together anyway - pushing keys, drunken treasure hunts, movie nights or playing other games.

And of course, we provide guild repairs (all the time, not just for raid), consumables, most enchants/gems, and a mandatory swap blaster. It’s not a raid if you don’t fall into lava.

If PVP is your jam then we also have a pvp team that runs RBG’s and Arena every Saturday and Sunday and is always looking for members.

If you’re interested, message me on Discord @parobola to chat more!

Bump, still looking specifically for 1-2 ranged casters for 10.2. Also encourage others to reach out too :slight_smile:

Bump! 2 spots open :slight_smile:

Still looking for a mage :slight_smile:

Bump, 9/9N 4/9H down at the moment and heading back into heroic tonight to get more down. Still looking for either a balance druid or Mage.

Would also entertain someone that had a decent dps and healing offspec to serve as a 5th heals when required.

Bump! Ending the week on 6/9H, pushing for AOTC and hopefully a taste of mythic next week

After strong DPS

Prefer mage or someone with a decent heals offspec, but open to all pumpers

Message @parobola on Discord

Currently 8/9H - aiming for AOTC Monday and then into mythic


  • Rogue
  • Shadow Priest
  • Mage
  • Any strong DPS with heals offspec

To the top, looking for a couple of dps to still round the roster out.

Recruiting a healer - prefer disc/holy priest with a decent shadow offspec, open to others

Also looking for DPS - ideally made or shadow priest

Bump, Mage, Spriest or Healer with a decent DPS spec.

Still looking! AOTC + 1/9M with Igira to 24%

Heals - prefer disc/holy priest

DPS - prefer mage, shadow priest, but flexible

Slide into @parobola’s DMs

just a bump in the night

3/9M and recruiting heals + dps

message @parobola

Comfortably reclearing 3/9M and working on Council now

Looking for a priest! Open to any spec x

Message @parobola

hey, what about aug evoker? i’m 478ilvl, 4set. currently 8/9H.

No evoker spots at the moment, sorry!

Now 4/9M and on the hunt for a priest - any spec!

Message @parobola to chat more

Updated what we are looking for after getting Council down last week and heading onto Nymue. Add me on discord @parobola if you’re interested.

Bump, currently looking for a mage/spriest and have Nymue down!

Makes me want to gear my shadow priest up and get good at it!