[A] Frostmourne <Orks> 8/8H 4/8M Wed/Thurs 7-11pm

Orks on Frostmourne is now recruiting! We are a returning CE guild from Shadowlands with a core roster of multi CE raiders dedicated to pushing for CE in a comfy 2 night prog environment.

In Shadowlands, we were voted the #1 guild in wishing we could go back to playing as orcs.

Raid Times
Wed/Thurs 7-11pm SVT

We are currently recruiting:

  • Mage (High Priority)

  • Exceptional DPS of any class

What we expect from raiders

  • Be on time, this means 15 mins before raid make sure you are ready to go. We want to be pulling at 7 on the dot. Two nights means we cannot waste time during raid.

  • Happy to bench if needed, we are aiming for a roster of 23-24 players, you may need to sit on a fight as we will bring classes best for prog.

  • Willingness to improve as the tier progresses. We will try and provide feedback via logs as best we can, but there‚Äôs always nuances to classes and you know them best. Work on your performance as we get deeper into a tier.

If you wish to apply, please contact one of our officers:

Battle Net

HuNT#1140 - Guild leader
Citrus#1376 - Healing Officer
Crim#1159 - Healthstone Officer


bitbite11#9631 - Guild Leader
VoodooOC#6969 - Healing Officer
Arrakai#8799 - Healthstone Officer

Bump, still looking for 1 hpal 1 tank and all dps!

Bump, looking for 1 tank and all DPS!

Bump looking for 1 tank and all dps!

Bump! Dragonflight is soon!

Looking for a few dps players to round out our roster!

Currently looking for 1 boomy but all exceptional players feel free to apply!

Still looking for a boomy/monk dps to round out our roster. Also accepting exceptional players of other classes!

Bump still looking for 1 tank (no blood dk) and warlock/rogue but all strong players encouraged to apply!

Bump. Looking for a DH/Mage!

Exceptional players of other classes please apply :slight_smile:

Bump. LF Exp Healer & 2 dps (DH/DK/Monk + Mage)

returning mythic raider
Raided Shadowlands S1 with you

400ilvl Unholy DK