[A] [Frostmourne] <No Dice> 10/10M Any Ranged DPS Thurs/Sun 7:15pm SVT

CE Antorus
CE Uldir
CE Nya
CE Nathria
CE Sanctum

Current recruitment needs:

2x Any rDPS

Currently we would prefer hunter/mage/moonkin/warlock/spriest applications, however it’s more important to us to find the right players than the right classes.

About No Dice

No Dice is one of the oldest surviving guilds in the oceanic World of Warcraft community and is still going strong. Currently, the guild has a PvE focus with low hours per week. Many of our players have raided at a high standard in previous expansions (top 3 or even top 1 OCE guilds), however, we have now shifted gear and think of ourselves as a guild for skilled players who may no longer have the time to commit to hardcore 4-5 night a week raiding.

We define ourselves as ‘casual’ in the sense that we have low hours and do not have any expectations of becoming a world-ranked guild. We don’t define casual as people who are unprepared, die non stop or just generally do whatever they like. Rather, we consider such people as time-wasters. During our limited raid hours, everyone is expected to do the absolute best they can.

Why apply to No Dice?

If you’re a really good player, then you likely have a lot of options as to what guilds you can apply for. So we’d like to encourage you to apply to raid with No Dice because:

We’re currently one of the better 2-night guilds in the OCE raiding scene as ranked by Wowprogress

We have a competitive mindset and are actively recruiting to improve the quality of our raiding roster, not just to fill up 20 slots with whoever we can find

Our leadership is very stable and as a result, No Dice is a long-lived guild that won’t disband a few weeks after you join.

We raid Thursday and Sunday from 7:15-10:30 SVT. We typically break for 15mins at 9:15. During the first week or two of a new raid opening, we might add an additional raid night if people are keen to play a bit more. After this period we settle back into our regular two-night schedule.

To apply please visit our WowProgress page and fill out our Application form or add any of the following for more information. Please do not add us without filling out an application first. Our application takes five minutes and if you can’t be bothered with that then we can’t be bothered with you.

http:// bit.ly/ NoDiceApplication

Hamurabi - FMM#1844

Up up and away

Looking for high skill DPS players to apply. Boomkins would be good, but I’ll take anything as long as you play well.

There once was a man from Nantucket

who wants to come headbutt balls with us

Who loves to sink the odd bucket

hpaladin please

looking for new friends for core spots!

to the top, to the top!

which top?

all our healers rerolled off priest, so we could actually use a dps priest now!

the 9th pest has been exterminated

tier will be over soon but we’re still recruiting to strengthen our roster for next tier and beyond. CE quality players please apply

seeking Large feathered friend and more

new friends say hi

Still recruiting for core roles.

still looking to add the right people

Recruiting up for 9.2, please apply

Roster is getting there! Couple more new friends for 9.2 and we’re looking good.

Hunters, Mages, Warlocks, Moonkins, Spriests!