[A] [Frostmourne] Lucky Shot 9/9M Abberus LFM 10.2


Lucky Shot was formed in late BFA with the mind of clearing the hardest content in a reasonable time all while having a good time.

Raiding Achievements:
T25 Nyalotha - OCE 54th (Disbanded after Carapace OCE 15th, rebuilt and killed Nzoth in 2 months with fresh roster)
T26 Castle Nathria - OCE 25th
T27 Sanctum of Domination - OCE 17th (Hall of fame)
T28 Sepulcher of the First Ones - OCE 18th (Hall of fame)
T29 Vault of the Incarnates - OCE 28th
T30 Abberus - OCE 41th

We are currently seeking players to fill in the last few spots.

Currently recruiting,

Priority: Augmentation Evoker, Holy Paladin
1x Range DPS (Mage, Augmentation Evoker, Shadow Priest)
1x Healer (Holy Paladin)

All exceptional raiders will be considered regardless of what are looking for.

Current raid times are,
Wednesday, Thursday, Monday 8:30pm to 11:30pm AEST during DST (8pm to 11pm when not DST)
With the additional raid night for the first 4 weeks of a new tier
Sunday 8:30pm to 11:30pm AEST during DST

If you are interested, please add hanul#6440 for questions/chat or feel free to apply at https://forms.gle/Z1mPeGmixkDHDsto7.

Thanks and stay safe!


Still looking for more to fill roster.

LFM - 1x H Pal and DPS

LFM for SL, 12/12M!

Bump for more!

LFM for a few dps and healer for SL!

A few dps and heals for SL!

LFM for SL, need a DH!

LFM 1x DH for core spot for SL

LF a dh and a few range to fill out SL roster

Looking for a few range dps, a healer and that rare DH dps

LFM for a few range, pref spriest/lock/hunter

LFM a few range dps to finalise SL roster!

Looking for a healer and a few range dps.

LF a few to finalise roster.

LFM for a resto sham and a few range dps

LFM for a resto sham and a few range dps

Bump for more!

Still looking for more!

Bump bump bump!