[A] Frostmourne HODOR 11/12M WED/THU/SUN 8-11PM ST


Holding the door since 2015, we are an Australian casual raiding guild comprised of mature guys and girls who want to push top-end raid progression at a healthy pace. We strive to provide our guild members with a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Tier 18 HFC - 13/13M - Cutting Edge (20+ Archimonde mounts provided to our Raiders)
Tier 19 EN/ToV/NH - 7/7M 3/3M 10/10M - Cutting Edge for all 3 raids (20+ Gul’dan mounts provided to our Raiders)
Tier 20 ToS - 9/9M - Cutting Edge
Tier 21 Antorus - 11/11M - Cutting Edge (20+ Argus mounts provided to our Raiders)
Uldir - 8/8M - Cutting Edge
BoD - 9/9M - Cutting Edge
TEP - 8/8M - Cutting Edge

Our raid times are as follows:

Wed- 8pm to 11pm Server Time (AEST/AEDT)
Thu- 8pm to 11pm Server Time (AEST/AEDT)
Sun- 8pm to 11pm Server Time (AEST/AEDT)

Invites out at 7:45pm

What we provide to our raiders

  • Fun, mature and relaxed raiding atmosphere
  • End-game progression at a healthy and efficient pace
  • Transparent and favoritism free guild leadership and loot structure (loot council)
  • Consumables and repairs provided to our raiders
  • Fun guild atmosphere where raiders can always hang out to do Mythic + and other WoW activities together

What we expect from our raiders

  • Proficiency in their role and specs
  • Solid attendance
  • Handle constructive feedback and be ok with sitting out for certain progression fights depending on class composition and other requirements
  • Research progression boss fights in advance
  • Actively participate in Mythic + runs and not just raid log
  • Most importantly - be respectful to others

Our Recruitment is currently open for classes below but all exceptional players will be considered so please feel free to speak to us!

  • Holy Pally

Current trial requirements
Minimum - HoA 80, Max Weekly Cloak Level and prior Mythic raiding exp
Prefer - 6/12M and 470ilvl

Please head over to our WoWProgress Page for a link to our discord application.

Please contact the following Officers in game if you are interested and want a chat!

  • Merlorr (Merlor#6904)
  • Raidbreak

Booop Im already tracer

Looking for:

  • 1 Tank - Blood or Brewmaster or Prot Warrior
  • 1 Shadow Priest
  • Other Exceptional Ranged Players (except Locks)

LF tank friend

LF Tank, Shadow Priest and other exceptional ranged players (exc Locks)!


Bump and join the cause

Still recruiting for Dazalor and beyond!

Looking for the following

1 tank (BrM/BDK/Prot warrior)
1 healer (Priest)
Range dps

Updated. After a Shadow Priest and a Mage

H Pal open?

Yep- still after Mage and Spriest and potentially a MW Monk or H Pal

Shadow priest in high demand <3

H pally still open? I’m looking at xfering

Looking Warlock and Shadow Priest

Looking for range dps

Looking for a Shadow Priest and a Warlock

Looking for Shadow Priests, Locks, MW Monk and Holy Priest

Looking for Shadow Priests, Locks, MW Monk and Holy Priest


Looking for Shadow Priests, Locks, MW Monk and Holy Priest