[A] [Frostmourne] [GMT+8] <Molecule> Team 3 recruiting for 9.2

Molecule - Team 3

8/10m GMT +8 is recruiting exceptional players for 9.2. Our comp is mainly returning CE players, we have a strong roster and are looking for reliable members to bolster the team. Focusing on prog but will be doing reclears depending on when 9.2 hits.

We have a laid back environment and are still able to get prog done properly. Looking for like-minded players that want to raid in 9.2 as well as try to finish off this tier.

All we ask is that you be willing to put in the effort to learn your class and carry your weight in the raids.

We will take performance and reliability so you will have to put in the effort for a raid spot. Raid times are GMT+8 9pm to 12am Thurs and Monday.

We do need more ranged DPS classes at the moment. No specific classes that we need. All are welcome to apply.

Bnet: leeo#1738
Discord: Mexien#4317

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