[A] [Frostmourne] <Fiction> Abberus 1/9M, 9/9H Recruiting Raiders - THURS/MON 8:30PM-11:30PM ST

Who are we?
<Fiction> consists of a strong team of mature, skilled players that have kept the guild going strong for 12+ years on the Frostmourne Oceanic server.

We have a strong focus on pushing end-game (Mythic) raiding.

We offer an active and friendly gaming environment that lends to our healthy and steady progression in raiding as well as regular (or ad hoc) Mythic+ dungeon groups.

What are we looking for?

We are recruiting and are actively looking for the following classes with Mythic experience* :-

  • Ranged DPS

* All exceptional applications for other classes will be considered.

Core Raiding Details

  • Raid Nights: Thursday, Monday
  • Raid Times: 8:30PM to 11:30PM (Server Time)
  • Voice: Discord (Mic is required!)

Discord: https://discord.gg/PFPEK9GRtG

Current Progress

  • 1/9M, 9/9H, 9/9N Abberus

How to Apply ?
If you’re interested in joining, simply :-

  1. reply to this thread; or
  2. visit our Discord server (link above) and post in the ‘recruitment’ channel with details set out in pinned post.

One of our friendly officers will get in touch after that.

Alternatively, if you would to discuss further on Battle.net, feel free to contact :-

  • Dubbss ( Battle Tag → Thedubbs#11832);
  • Leox ( Battle Tag → Leox#6744); or
  • Stubb ( Battle Tag → Stubb#1985).

Highly recommend

hey, can you advise what your keys / casual scene is like?

Hi Eilannah,

Currently, it is a bit quiet with maybe alts levelling and a key group running from time to time (as it is quite late into 9.1.5).

When 9.2 hits, what would likely happen is multiple key groups running as a number of raiders actually try to get at least 2 M+ (4 * 15+ dungeons) or 3 M+ (10 * dungeons) for max Vault rewards.

It is not uncommon to see groups during the day and also at night. Many frontload and do a lot of keys in first 2 days after weekly reset, some choose to do them over the weekend and a lot also do them at the last min (Tuesday evening).

Most push for at least 15+ for Vault reward but there are also those who level alts (or trying new roles) and start with low keys and many guildies join to assist.

We try to help guildies out to get KSM (Key Stone Master).

There are also often planned runs where some try to push 20+ keys to push for higher io and/or portals.

Last but not least, there are some social members who may just do casual keys or join the more casual raid nights just for chilled nights or simply chat in gchat.

Hope the above help! =)

If you’re a druid or shaman healer, we wanna get to know you. How about a romantic evening killing raid bosses? Let us know xoxo

Currently looking for Mage or Balance Druid. =)

LF boomy for mythic team

LF a mage and a boomy

LF a Mage and Balance Druid (Boomkin) still =)

LF ranged DPS and a healer

We are now recruiting for competitive players for all Classes (except for Enhancement Shaman) as we get ready for Mythic SotFO raiding.

Healer needed for Mythic raid team.

Healers and dps required for mythic raid team.

Still after healers and ranged dps.

Anyone like to trial with us after easter?

Hello! Hunting for some ranged dps and amazing healers for our mythic raid team. Please check out our discord recruitment channel for more information!

LF a healer for raid team

still after a healer for mythic prog!

LF a hunter for mythic prog

LF a ranged dps