[A] Frostmourne - Dawnhaven: Social / AoTC Raiding Guild (v2)

Dawnhaven is based in Australia.
+10 GMT though we have many members in various other timezones, usually OCE based.

Dawnhaven has proudly been an active Guild since it’s creation back in July 2022.
Things are ran differently here, which can be blamed for our success as a Guild. We have a strong focus on the social aspect of the game, and believe in completing content that includes everyone, provided everyone is willing to put the work in. We’re not one of those Guilds that will smash through content, and burn out, leaving the game until next patch…

You will not find any Mythic Raiding teams in this Guild, we focus on Normal/Heroic Raiding.
Higher end M+ can be found, however it is not the primary focus of the Guild, but you should have no problem with that if that is something that interests you, provided you’re willing to be part of our community.
PvP has a small player base here, but there are some PvPers, however if this is all you’re interested in then you may be better finding another Guild to suit your needs.
Plenty of Transmog farming, mount farming and just general hang outs will be found in this Guild.

More can be found on our Guild here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CNQcTJGlQk&ab_channel=Dawnhaven

Social night: Mondays 8:30pm Server time
Raid night: Thursdays 8:30pm Server time

In our Discord you will find a PDF, please read through this PDF and follow the instructions listed to join our Guild. Any questions will be happily answered by management and our members. Everything you will need to know can be found in this PDF, while it is a bit of a read it is very helpful. Please read through it and sign up via our Discord.

Discord Server Code - u2gnxTNbE6

Friends on the internet, hear me

I personally believe this is the guild for you

Recommended by yours truely

Seriously just join

Thank you for your time

Steve! STEVE!

Dawnhaven has been such an incredible community to join. It’s consistently active throughout the season, has plenty of fun social nights. Despite the social focus, the raid team is full of competent players who are there for both fun & clearing. Truly a wonderful place to be.

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Those are very kind words from our sponsors.

Hey there. New to the game but i’d be keen to join. Same Blizz name as my character name and on Frostmourne.
Have a good day, Adam

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I for one support our metallic and thradtastic leadership, they steer us ever onwards to glory and good times… and this is not at all submitted under a whit of duress…

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You have two options:

Gobble on deeznuts


Join Dawnhaven

Join the Thradocracy!

Not being in Dawhaven is cringe. Absolutely poggers guild.

Are you tired of mundane quests and endless grinding, desperately seeking a guild that’s as epic as your character’s loot collection (which, let’s face it, includes more decorative hats than you’ll ever wear)? Look no further than Dawnhaven! We offer the finest content while celebrating all your epic fails with a laugh and numerous screenshots that will only haunt you over time. After all, it’s not about the loot; it’s about the friendships and the awkward moment when you are the only one to turn up to the transmog competition not in a slutmog outfit. Dawnhaven: Seriously skilled raiders for the 6minutes it counts, awesome mates the rest of the time

Hello, exceptional guild. Well presented and full of friendly people.

Great bunch of people - Raiding nights are great fun, even if its progression - and Social nights are a blast. Glad I found like minded people to play with

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Full night of Jackbox games tonight - great fun.
Thanks to everyone who came!

Great, friendly community. Been going strong since it’s creation back in July 2022.
Come say hi!

Join the community for 10.2 Progression! Raid, Mythic+, Social Nights; lovely bunch of people to checks note be a community with :two_hearts:

Awesome community who value the time spent together, building friendships and having fun times together.

Active discord with plenty of people available to help, respond to questions or just to have a chat. :blue_heart:

Give Dawnhaven a go. You will have the best time and be amongst really incredible people. You won’t find a better guild.

If you have Dawnhaven, you have everything.

Because we have you bro and you’re my everything bro.