A Formal Request Thread for Fresh/New TBC Servers



TLDR: wahh my economy will tank because more people will farm mats and play the game the way i dont like so do what i say.

Yeah. Ok. PvP pre-patch wrecked already and boosts to the point the game is much like retail with its single player aspects–people not teaming up at all but just paying gold to win–are already TBC killers.

When June 1st hits, people are going to flood this game with shortcuts and pay-to-play with the thousands and thousands of gold being allowed to pass into “Retail TBC.” It is going to happen. The economy being broken IS a glaring issue, but there are so many other problems incoming.

The deluxe edition with a retail-looking mount, new toys, 58 boosts–none of which were in the original game–are just another issue making the game less and less like TBC at all.

So yeah. I have been pretty saddened at the wreck of a game this has ALREADY become. And it is an OLD game. How does ActiBli$$ion get this SO wrong? So many voices…

The ONLY way I will play is when we get fresh, reset servers. Until then, many of us who called the messes already in the game will be hanging, observing. June 1st will be telling, the first two weeks or so all many of us need to see before moving on to greener pastures.

I don’t NEED an MMO. I would LIKE a high-fidelity version of TBC, a version tailored to the players who want to experience the original as close and faithful to the original as possible.

TL;DR None too happy, especially with no blue response yet, but willing to wait and see what happens in June before throwing in the towel for good. So many people have foreshadowed problems bound to happen. The boost of new races is a clear example.


I’m with you.

Biomutant comes out next week. Looks like a fun little game. Also…somehow I never played the Mass Effect games and I think some remaster just came out. So I’ll check that out.

TBC Classic is…broken. There’s really not another way to describe it. For someone like me it’s not worth playing. But if Blizz wakes up and makes a fresh option, I’ll resub. They really need to disable transfers and boosts. Probably not forever unfortunately, but give it 6 months. Life is about compromises.


Well said. So, this looks like it might be worse than our “Vanilla” Classic. Looking back as a hardcore raider, I am sorry I spent all this time in that game for world buffs. Hours and I am sure days of game time just getting buffs, waiting on them to drop, paying for summons to secure them all…

Then, IDC what anyone says, I believe GDKP did just as much if not more damage as it ramped up as botting or RMT. All a part of the same gold-laundering scheme. Some have said: “Just GDKP instead of whining about it.”

I don’t want to be forced to raid for gold to keep up with the Joneses.

Lastly, there is apparently no ActiBli$$ion support, because I watched the same Mage multi-boxing bots in WPL just running around in circles all night long farming and reported them. Yet they showed up time and again.

The game wound up a real mess. Sure, killed KT a few times and that is pretty much the end for raiding, but my guild and so many others converted to pure GDKP guilds and the amounts I know they will bring to the economy in addition to other guilds is going to be out of this world.

Still awaiting some blue response one way or another.


Give us 1 fresh server per region please


If you don’t like what you are getting, what’s coming, keep the voices coming. Pre-patch PvP was the LAST thing I thought Bli$$ would mess up, but days of key pre-patch time are gone and aren’t coming back.

So, they are putting a hurt on PvP as well as PvE. I foresee, after a few weeks, there will be trade channels FULL of Karazhan GDKPs.

I played TBC and remember clearly that Darkspear didn’t have people spamming in trade channels for GDKPs.

Right now, instead of questing and because ActBli$$ion has allowed for it, Draenei and Blood Elves are getting to 70 faster than ever. Boosts, boosts so many of us called out as an issue. Fresh servers would, literally naturally, not allow this to happen until people were reaching 50-60. They would not allow for boosts, so the playing field would be leveled and fair competition would begin.

Thanks for chiming in, Shadowmarley! Let’s go fresh servers people.


It would be nice if Blizzard read comments like yours and seen how many people would enjoy new servers…


3k replies and they still misssed the point


still waiting for junk company to respond


have you seen the classic era servers?.. They are going to have to Connect all the realms. I logged in last night it was a ghost town!.. I dont think making more servers will be a good thing. Consolidate as much as possible is the way to go.

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Lol this is still going.

Your dedication is something I guess (although the same could be said for flat earthers…)

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2 per region: pvp and pve. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Right back at you sweetheart.


Keep insulting them while you beg for the impractical. I’m sure it will work eventually.

How many check these forums every day in the hopes to see a blue post on fresh servers? I’m one of them.




Anyone else notice the weird topright lighting on the avatars now?

I’m glowy.


Blue Tracker on mmo-champion probably even quicker. Anyway, if it does happen, I hope they give at least a day’s warning.


Number 3000 here , checking every day for a blue post.