A Formal Request Thread for Fresh/New TBC Servers

Anne and Gardoomforge do nothing but dish nonsense and guard ActiBli$$ion, then get their tooshies hurt when fresh ever gets a good response.

They hop right on anyone who voices their opinions against ActiBli$$ion’s poor service on these forums.

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Yep, like I said, useless.
Coming here to mock is not conducive to a healthy discussion. Their focus is to derail. The little brat gave me the wrong reply so I’m finished with that one. It’s pointless.


Moderators are seeing this.

I believe many in this thread have voiced their desires for fresh to the degree we would PAY a premium for fresh, level 1 economy resets.

Still…nothing from moderators after weeks and weeks? Micheas makes a good point. Haven’t checked the forums in four days…and still no blue response.

I won’t give up communicating my desire for fresh, but this forum service… It is so, so bad. There will come a time soon where, personally, I see no chance for fresh.

And it does surely appear that the mods and Blizzard employees who WERE dedicated to quality and service are apparently gone.

Just very, very disappointing.


Ah “you think you do. But you dont”

I can’t see what’s going on because I have Chad on ignore but I think I got the jist of it.


can the community get some fresh/…


Played a little of the pre-patch. Just looking around all you see is low levels on follow behind 60s. The new races, because people bought boosts from Blizzard for the other ones. Can’t do that with Belf and Goats, so they just pay a 60 to level them up.

This is the authentic WoW experience? Blizz…you need to have a fresh server option. This is a disgrace.


Omw to 3k comments


Not playing any of it unless they clear the economy, allow for level 1 resets, level the mountains and cliffs of a playing field. I will keep checking now and then. If they eventually allow for fresh TBC, then eventually I will play–if I am not totally and completely fed up by then.

Thanks, though, Jarvizz, for letting us know what is happening on live. Appreciate it.


I, myself, only have 5 days left on my sub. I was actually a little curious how I would feel when the pre-patch launched. I was strongly leaning towards not playing unless they added a fresh server option. Now I 100% am in that camp. The atmosphere is laughable. People buying boosts from Blizzard. People buying boosts from other players. Just go out in the world and you see a train of low levels following 60s around getting speed leveled. And the same thing in dungeons. The LFG channel is endless WTB dungeon boost, WTS dungeon boost. This is on low pop and high pop servers. TBC: The Boosting Crusade.

The journey has been rendered irrelevant. This is what happens with a broken economy and, imo, a broken playerbase. This is going to sound a bit rude, but I am of the impression that if a fresh server was created players more like me would tend to migrate there. It appeals to a certain type of player to want to start anew at this point. The type of player who values the community, the social aspect, forming those bonds. Not the type who want to just buy their way to prosperity. So in my mind I’d be joining a server with a much higher chance of sharing the same ideals that I have. The prospect of consolidating that type of playerbase into a server is very appealing. Obviously there will always be exceptions, but for the most part it would be like-minded individuals.

It really is a disservice for Blizzard to not provide a fresh option. I feel REALLY bad for new players who weren’t around for the beginnings of Classic. That was an exceptional experience. This is just awful. Blizz is not going to attract many new players, and the few who do join will quickly quit. The 58 boost (which is incredibly buggy apparently, btw) puts them at a severe disadvantage. You’re now 58…with nothing. The boost really only helps established players level an alt that they shower with resources and gear.

Anyway…I thought it would be bad. And it’s far worse than I suspected. Fresh just has to happen. This is a damn travesty.


The highest leveled blood elves on my server are AFKing in Maraudon.

So much for speed races these days.


This sounds much like I anticipated. I think the economical explosion week one after June 1 release is going to be most telling. We’ll see, but I won’t be playing. Spectating for now.

Fresh or nothing.

Fresh servers wouldn’t be perfect, but far from the bot / boost / RMT / GDKP mess I am sure is inbound.

I am sure skilled RMTs will be running low-skill or lazy players through Karazhan as fast as they are attuned. Could be wrong, but I foresee a real mess all-around by week 2 or 3.

Thanks to you, too, Drooler, for the update.

I have sub time, but no way I am renewing when there is nothing worthwhile to play. Nevertheless, I will continue on the forums until I am sure the game is simply too far gone to be played.

"Retail TBC"

TBC may already be dead on arrival.


Another example of the newest mindset. They WANT the bugs to stay. They WANT these advantages.


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Just like what all the previous posters have said, the LFG and city chats are spammed with “WTB dungeon boosts or WTS dungeon boosts”
And there are already a few level 50ish Draeneis on my server today. Sad to see the game has evolved or rather degenerated into such stage.

I will reroll in a heartbeat if they announce fresh servers.


I dont see how they cannot release fresh. I understand them waiting til June 1st so they can collect all their $$$$ from cloning etc…


At they very least I am hoping they are aware of these new meta mentalities and playstyles and move forward to keep the game clean and fun.


ladies and gentlemen


I was in the process of leveling up a character before pre patch and it was hard enough to do any quests in dungeons with a group. Now it’s impossible. As a healer I cannot find a group to ZF. Literally I haven’t been able to find a single group to ZF as a healer. I did a /who paladin 30-50 and every single paladin was being boosted in SM or mara at that time.

This game is dead and it’s no longer a game worth playing because you don’t actually get to play, you have to pay. It is now a pay to win game. I see a ton of the gold farmers leveling up paladins to continue their AoE boosting profits to keep the economy broken to the point that you have to buy gold to afford anything on the AH.

I cancelled my sub once and came back because I was excited for pre patch. Well that was a huge let down. I get on now and I try to find a group, get discouraged and exit the game. I can’t even get my carrot on a stick because no actual groups are running anything.

This, I feel, is where I quit WoW all together. From being a vanilla beta tester to playing in every expansion except shadowlands. TBC was my favorite expansion but now I question if it was because the expansion was so good or if that was back when blizzard actually cared about the quality of their game as it is blatantly obvious they no longer do.

IF a fresh server is released I may reconsider my cancellation but as it stands I will not be buying gold to feel like I have a chance to stay competitive in this garbage.


need this now more than ever