A fly in my drink

Talate, you dear sneaky little devil you. I know that ganking lowbies is exciting for you and, in all honesty, I can’t understand why you won’t better utilize your skills. I watched you kill a lvl 11 yesterday…Lvl 11…I’ve asked others on the Horde side why you would be such a nuisance and they are all unsure of how or why killing characters that are physically unable to defend themselves is some sort of challenge to you. That said, I forgive you. The many hours you must spend sneaking around OR, scared to attack a flagged level 60 Horde player, must be exhausting. The hundreds of names and titles you must have to read ,in order to attack just the right individual so as to not give them a chance, must wear you out completely. I’m guessing you giggle behind your armor thinking you somehow have accomplished a goal or proved some sort of point while the characters you kill just consider you a fly needing to be swatted off the tail of a Tauren so as not to obscure their path. You are a little devil and I’m sure this won’t change anything but know this… my bank alt isn’t swayed by your 3 hits to kill him…it’s just another fly in my drink. Shish now…and be gone.

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Talate is a great Dwarven defender of alliance lands. He does a great service for all people of the alliance protecting against the marauding scourge. I believe that when he kills those of low levels, he is attempting to send a message to the rogues who infest ironforge and menethil and kill our low levels that their actions will not go unpunished.

Yeah, but like, you died right?


You’ve thought a lot about that little fly. Did it lay eggs in your drink?

Dear Vorena,
While I don’t necessarily disbelieve your comment, I have seen nothing but him ganking lowbies. That said, two wrongs and all, I would love to believe he is being honorable and simply “setting things right” but I don’t see it… I would, if aware of a coward on our side ganking lowbies, chastise such a player as being dishonorable and, in this case, that’s all I have seen in this rogue. We, at Deviate Delight, understand the need for good PVP and also for Good RP… I’m just not seeing where what he is doing is either…I do thank you for your posts as I have read many and appreciate your investment into our community… I would ask only that you consider that those actions may not be sending the message he is trying to send…
Dark Lady Watch over us…

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Bigwig, I will say that I have done lots of level appropriate PvP with Talate over the last few months. Most recently, we attacked the settlement (if you can really call it that, it’s just an inn and a watch tower, perhaps the most boring town in the game) of Kargath looking for horde on their way to Blackrock Mountain.

And that, Dear Vorena, is the essence of what we want on our server. I have a standing rule (one of the reasons I am not with any guilds), if the player you are considering is more than one level below you; wave and go about your business unless that player is aggressive with others of your faction at the time. I have made it my mission to help make our server mutually respectful and I am known in Azeroth as a forsaken who has helped many an ally who may have needed it. Again, I will state that I know of you Vorena and I am familiar with the type of player you are and, if I ever stop my giveaways and helping to level, I would dearly love some real PVP. I appreciate your defense of Talate and I hope that your words are true… I mean, even his guild is “We Camp Lowbies”. Take those words and try to make a reasonable argument for some sort of honorable reason for his actions…I’m sorry dear mage; I just don’t see it.

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