[A] <Flux> 10/12M • semi-hardcore 3 days

We are currently recruiting great players of any role/class (in particular looking for amazing ranged dps)

About Flux

Flux believes an enjoyable atmosphere goes hand in hand with high ranking progression. We don’t have or need screaming raid leaders because we run a raid full of reasonable, fun, and self-motivated adults. Our players always look through logs, improve each other’s play, and help with strategy. We strive to make the most of our raid week while maintaining an atmosphere that few guilds can offer.

But make no mistake, Flux is a progression oriented guild. We have clear goals and a pragmatic/active leadership. We are only interested in players that are both skilled and motivated. We require each player to not only understand but contribute and find every other piece of information available to them to be prepared for the fights. We’ve failed talented applicants who don’t put in the effort. Everyone is expected to pull more than their own weight here.

EP: 8/8 M
Ny’alotha: 10/12 M

Raid Schedule

  • Wed: 7.45pm - 11pm ST
  • Thurs: 7.45pm - 11pm ST
  • Sun: 7.45pm - 11pm ST


  • 1x Warlock
  • 1x Resto Druid

Applications from exceptional players will always be considered regardless of the recruitment status.

Please note that we do not recruit for the bench and as such any opportunity offered to you is with a view to a progress spot provided you live up to our requirements.

Apply at flux-guild(.).com/apply.


Recruitment: Squid#1898 (Discord: Squid#0002) / Liberty#1758 (Discord: Aedralinna#4340)
Sales: risk#12190 / darien#3410

Long time reader. First time poster.

Core raid team looking very strong for 8.3. Need a few exceptional ranged dps who are keen to rip it up on 2 days of raiding. Let’s chat!

Looking for some ranged that believe they are good enough to be in a top 10 2 day guild in 8.3!

Looking for solid DPS and Healers. :slight_smile:

Roster almost complete. Just need a few skilled ranged and a disc priest!

Would love a BDK or BrM tank and a few more ranged dps. Roster is looking so strong for 8.3!

Couple more exceptional ranged. So keen for 8.3!

12/12 H, with 3/12 M incoming this lockout! Looking for a few healers and some exceptional ranged dps that are keen on smashing out content on 2 days a week!

3/12M - looking for some more exceptional dps to complete the roster!

3/12M - Good prog on hivemind. Dies on thursday! Looking for an exceptional healer. Hit us up!

Considering all roles currently.

Hivemind + Shad’har kill tonight. Need tank + dps!

Hi there,
I have been looking to get into mythic raid tanking for awhile on my Druid but due to dramas in my old guild that never seemed to happen :(. I recently transferred over to frostmourne and have heard about flux and how they one of the top tier guilds on the server and would love to see it for myself. Just having a quick peak on your logs are you a three day guild now? All good if that is the case. Also do you guys do a lot outside of raiding? Keys and all that? I figure you guys must do pretty big keys for gearing up. Anyways look forward to hearing from you :).

4/12 Hivemind dead. Shad’har 20% in 10 pulls. Looking for exceptional ranged!

Shad’har almost dead in 20 pulls!

Shad’har + Xanesh dead. Vex prog now! Looking for some exceptional ranged.

Some ranged spots have opened up for some exceptional players. Vex dies on Thursday then onward to Ra-den prog!

Vex dies tonight. Keen to bring in some exceptional ranged dps for ra-den prog!

bumping post, vex dead and ra-den starts this week. LF solid RDPS and exceptional healers/offspec tanks