[A] <Firehawk> [10/10H 3/10M] Recruiting for Mythic Push

Firehawk - {Alliance} - Proudmoore – 3/10 M Sanctum of Domination - is recruiting players for Remnant of Ner’zhul and beyond ! We are full of veteran raiders who are competent, competitive, and enjoy raiding while pushing each other to become better players. As of now, we are looking to complement our roster in building a strong team going for CE in the near future!

We run a Mythic focused progression team on Tuesdays and Wednesdays called Corpse Run and a Heroic focused team on Fridays and Sundays called Twilight Fenix under the banner of the entire guild Firehawk. We also have plenty of players who push high level keys and are eager to help you get your items you need and completion from Mythic+.

Ideal Players
-Active and competitive
-Have an understanding of Mythic raiding
-Eager to learn and continuously work to improve their play
-Have logs of a mythic raid !

Raid Schedule
Tues/Wednesday(Mythic) (9p-12a EST) (8p-11p CST)(7p-10p MST)(6p-9p PST)
Friday/Sunday(Heroic) (9p-12a EST) (8p-11p CST)(7p-10p MST)(6p-9p PST)
Formation/trash clear 15 mins prior.

Our priority needs are
Demon Hunter DPS

Awesome, talented players. All exceptional players who share our mindset will be considered for a spot regardless of spec or current needs.Remember, we like to have fun and are looking for like minded players interested in raiding Mythic and progressing on bosses. If interested, or for further information, you can post here or message:

Teren - Teren#1115 (Guild Master)
Stabbyfists - Stabbyfists#1351(Recruitment Officer)

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Bumping, still looking for peeps!