[A] <Fiction> Recruiting Mythic raiders (12/12M NWC)

Fiction on Frostmourne

Fiction consists of a strong team of mature, skilled players that have kept the guild going strong for 11+ years, always pushing end content (mythic). We offer an active and friendly gaming environment that lends to our healthy and steady progression.

We’re currently recruiting, Range DPS, particularly Warlock

Currently: 9/12M,

6/8M, 6/8M, TEP
2/2H, CoS, 8/9M, BoD

Raid Nights: Thursday, Sunday, Monday
Raid Times: 9:00PM to 11:30PM (Server Time)
ilvl: 460+ ( 80 neck)
Voice: Discord

Discord: h ttps://discord.gg/5DwPbar

In Game Contacts:
Brightblood // Brightblood#11683
Liysa // Shakingpie#1525

To join us, please either pst on our Discord Recruitment channel or send a message to Brightblood or Liysa in game.


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Come have fun with us downing some Mythic bosses! :smiley:

Looking for ranged

Still taking ranged, get in touch for a chat!

Looking for ranged my a trial in raid next week.

LF Ranged, get in touch today to commence trial tomorrow!

any ranged want to trial tonight?

Still recruiting ranged DPS!

Alright, we got Xanesh down so now working on Vexiona. Looking for some ranged to complete the Roster.

Gimme sum HOT SICC RANGED BOIZ. or gurlz. or nb whatever floats ur goats

Still need ranged if anyone is interested!

We ended up getting vex down a couple of weeks ago. We’re after some ranged with some mythic experience

Bumpity bimp

bumpy boy <3

Looking for some ranged, particularly a warlock at the moment

Hi Guys, I added you both on bnet real ID, i meet your requirements. Chat soon

ps. I dont know why my icon is a level 26 mage. obliviously 120 warlock

Bumping this because the boys are now 10/12m

kaltimer was rude once to me