[A] <Fiction> - 9-11.30 SVT Thurs/Sun/Mon

Fiction on Frostmourne

Fiction consists of a strong team of mature, skilled players that have kept the guild going strong for 12+ years, always pushing end content (mythic). We offer an active and friendly gaming environment that lends to our healthy and steady progression.

We are currently LF heals and dps DK.

7/10M, 10/10H, 10/10N Sanctum of Domination
7/10M Castle Nathria
12/12M, Ny’alotha

Raid Nights: Thursday, Sunday, Monday
Raid Times: 9:00PM to 11:30PM (Server Time)
Voice: Discord

Discord: https://discord.gg/GS8tbUbH

In Game Contacts:
Slapntickle // Goldie#1497
Liysa // Shakingpie#1525

To join us, please either pst on our Discord Recruitment channel or send a message to Liysa or Slapntickle in game.


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Bump, still looking for new members.

Looking for more DPS, pst for more info.

Looking for all classes and specs still for Battle

Good guild, you should join. Dunno about our raid lead tho he’s a little wonky.

Roster is expanding! Get in while you can :wink:

Looking for more, range dps for Mythic raiding.
All other classes will be considered.

LF MW Monk,
Happy to look at all others.

LF Disc/Holy Priest or MW Monk
All others considered!

Hey what realm are you guys on sorry? Ive been poking around for a new guild thats decent and you guy obbviously have decent progression but the real hook for me here’s the banter, I usually raid on a death knight, mage or rogue but I pvp on a hunter so if needed I can drag him over too. Ive never raided current content above a heroic level due to guild collapses really but Im ready to slot back into the community after two guildless expansions :,)

Ah also Ive been super casual so far this expansion as I find it hard to play and get into anything without a guild to chat to while I do stuff, it gets lonely :,)

Hey mate, feel free to hit me up anytime in game or on bnet regarding recruitment.

Seér // Seer#11887

Still looking for 1x main spec heals and a few more ranged DPS.

Looking for a Hunter & more ranged DPS.

Come and Join the Team!

Come and get down with the thiccness.

Currently progging Opulence, get in on the action!

Looking for a warrior, hunter and mage for prog.

Warrior and mage now for prog on the coin boi

Still looking for a warrior (high priority) and a couple extra DPS. Currently progging Conclave.