A few random crashes a day

It’s a regular thing that WOW crashes while I’m playing. I’ve tried reinstalling, updating my stuff and scanning/fixing WOW. Nothing changes and the game still crashes randomly, at least twice a day. I was wondering if anyone is having the same problem and if I could get any help with this situation. Thanks.

Hi Garsto

Do you see a Wow Error popup when these crashes occur. Navigate to the main Wow folder > retail folder. Inside look for a folder called Errors. If the folder exists it will have error reports inside. Open the most recent error with Notepad then copy/paste on your thread here.

That will be a long wall of text - we need to see it all. You will need to put it in Code Blocks to paste on the forum here.

To do that paste the report in a chat box. Then right click > “select all” - should highlight everything. Once highlighted click on the little </> symbol on the bar above the chat box.

If you have issues pasting on the Forum here go ahead and paste it up on Pastebin.com then provide link. Provide the link code portion of the URL - example below.

(The green bold portion of the link: https://pastebin.com/Qk28Ed1P)

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Thanks for the reply. I copied and pasted the latest error to a pastebin link. Hopefully it helps. And yes, I do see WOW errors pop up when the crashes happen (which is often lol).


This does have the looks of an addon crash Garsto. You mention reinstalling - have you tried testing for crashes on a clean UI.

One thing to try here is to disable the Battle.net Streaming service. Click the Blizzard icon top left corner of Bnet App. Click Settings - then on the list Streaming. Disable then click Done.

Pastebin a DXDiag report for me next. Type DXDiag in the Windows Search box. Click on the DXDiag run command that pops up. Let the tool load - it has a loading bar. Then click the button for Save all Information. Paste the entire wall of text.

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Oh! An addon issue - maybe I need to try playing without addons lol I wonder which one may be causing the issue because I use a few. I’ve removed all my addons and will be playing a while without them to see if anything changes. I’ve also disabled the streaming in the Bnet launcher. Here’s the DXDiag link.


It could be a broken addon or corruption in the WTF folder. To test properly you want to follow the steps on the Support page that I linked.

I’ll take a look through the DXDiag next then let you know if I see anything there.

I see we are getting some Bluescreens reported - possibly associated to the AMD graphics. Let’s get on updating some things. First your Windows is out of date - you are running on the April 2018 feature version. There have been 2 feature versions since then.

Windows doesn’t install those automatically. Let’s get Windows up to date. Be warned this will take some time. Likely an hour or more.

Type Update in the windows search box. Click on Check for Updates. The next screen that opens will be the update pane. It will likely say “You’re up to date”. Ignore that untruth then click the button below. Check for Updates

After the initial updates are installed continue to click the Update button. It will likely find more small updates. Do that until you truly have no updates.

After that is all done we will run a Clean uninstall of the AMD graphics driver then install the most recent. I will post those instructions on a separate post to avoid walls of text.

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Ok Tratt, I’m updating Windows as many times as I can. I really appreciate the help.

I’m now installing version 1903.

No problem - we are going to fix those annoying crashes. After the Windows updates are all done it will be time for the AMD graphics driver.

First download this driver - the driver at the top of this download page:


Now we will be using a tool called DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) to remove all the old AMD and remnants of old AMD drivers. Download the tool here:


Basically you extract the uninstaller from the download. (it will extract to a folder called DDU) *Then unplug the Ethernet or disable the Wifi to avoid Windows automatic driver installation.

I like to boot the computer into safe mode then run the DDU tool. (This isn’t essential and you will need to confirm you have the windows password before you do so. If you are using a PIN it will ask for the actual password after running safe mode.)

On the tool you select Graphics type then AMD. Run the recommended “Clean then restart”.

Then install the AMD Adrenalin download.

I’m back, Windows is fully up to date, I uninstalled all my display driver stuff and I’m currently installing the new driver now. I’ll let you know if I get a crash again or not. I appreciate the help.

Ahh good. I will be around this morning - I will track this thread.

5 hours in and no random crashes yet. Feels great!

Looking good. Thanks for reporting back Garsto

WOW crashed a bit ago. Here’s the pastebin.


Hi again Garstogg

It looks like the AMD Game DVR is enabled on Wow. Wow doesn’t like overlays of any sort. Discord is another that causes crashes. Disable that in the AMD software then test.

I can’t seem to find the DVR option in the AMD software.

Seems to me that the only DVR option in the AMD Radeon settings is the ReLive and I don’t even have that installed.

Do you have anything else enabled in the AMD software. Wattman those sorts of things. I’m not familiar with AMD at all.

It looks like I have a Global Wattman panel here.