A few questions from a rookie WoW RPer

I have a couple of questions as a rookie WoW RPer and this seemed like it may be a good place to ask (posting this on both the WrA and MG subforums). As an altoholic, I have multiple characters on both WrA and MG that I’d really like to explore more RP with. I’m not really much into the “walkup” RP, though I would absolutely engage with someone who walked up to me gladly. I’m looking more for story-arc based RP, if that makes sense? Being part of a good story. I’m not looking to be the center of attention or even necessarily a primary protagonist. I’d love playing a player-controlled NPC for events as antagonist, a friendly bystander, or simply a device to further the story, for example.

Also, concerning server lore. The concept sounds interesting to me, but it sounds like a lot of people have had bad experiences with it. Is it something that has a centralized consensus or the like? Is it something that people can opt in or out of and still participate in when it works out to do so?

I’ve looked into RP guides for both servers and for RP in general, but it seems like there is a lot of more inside info that those guides (as helpful as they are) doesn’t cover.

Any tips?

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Your best bet for story-arc based roleplay, even if your intentions are largely to be on the side, is to find a guild that focuses on internal guild plots (IE: the guild has a storyline that is not expressly tied to multi-guild events / server events) or to find / create a group of friends interested in such things.

Server lore is a weird concept that is hard to define, people have bad experiences with it because it kind of bottlenecks interactions on certain ideas in a larger setting. It loosely refers to jurisdiction of events / projects / guilds. To give an example, there’s a few projects based on creating laws / nobility. People who opt into those projects are saying their character follows those guidelines. Unfortunately, some people then take it a step further and say they will not interact with people who don’t; which is where the negativity of server canon comes into play.

It can also go into weird territories like saying “x region belongs to y faction”, when in game it reflects differently or is controlled by a neutral group, because a project / guild claimed it in a past storyline; though I’ve found those to be a bit rarer.

Outside of large scale stuff or the occasional stickler, it’s largely easy to avoid and I recommend just going with whatever makes you most comfortable.

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That’s really helpful. Thanks!

Regarding your server lore example, I guess it would be good for me to stick to internal guild story arcs that intersect with other guilds’ arcs as an internal but shared grand story?

I really wish I had more time outside of work to devote to RPing (WoW based, tabletop, or otherwise). I just really love to tell/be a part of good stories.

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I hear you on that last bit especially. I’ve got a special needs kiddo so my RP time is pretty limited now compared to what it used to be. Also kinda new to this server. So far my experiences have been largely positive (if casual walk-up RP), but I’d like to find a guild eventually and wasn’t aware there was “server lore”. Though if it’s only the larger RP guilds/events participating, well… I guess I’ll find a smaller or niche guild :slight_smile:

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