A Farewell to Hunter WPvP

I think I have found the end I’ve been looking for all this time. It’s been a good 6 years, more good than bad they were. I figure with the way it has been going, how it’s going now, and how things will go, plus my other competing free time interests, there cannot be a better time than now for me to retire from WPvP permanently. Within or without WoW, and as much as it depends on my self-discipline to truly stay away from this, I want to do something else besides ganking Alliance or Horde in the cities. The Hunter class and the changes coming next week have nothing to do with it either, but I owe a lot to the Hunter class and how it tailors to the soloist.

I hate how I’m saying this because I wanted to lead and inspire people by my example to do their own thing, which this was really what this was all about from the get-go. Going against the Alliance was the RP twist I put into it, even though that’s based in some reality about my previous experiences with Normal-server Alliance. Sure, I could have joined Ruin and Cryptids. I could have done that, but my chosen thing was different. I just don’t quite know what my next “thing” will be…

I’ll never forget the joy and fulfillment of making this game the greatest it can be for me through WPvP. I was a raiding Warlock zero in the beginning, but ten years after I answered the call to become a world’s first second-prestige solo city attacking Marksmanship Hunter(I was a Marksman in Hellgate: London since the days of TBC Retail, if that counts?). I’d want this arc for anyone. I stuck through with the Hunter class at the worst it’s ever been because I believed in the dream. Here’s hoping the same for everyone.

I’ll still continue to root for this class. I’d still main this class too. I got a goblin hunter who is just as much of a proud legacy as my human warlock. I just realize that there are other callers out there that are getting louder, as the call to keep WPvPing(as a Hunter) in WoW is getting quieter.

I wish all Hunters the best of luck in the future. I won’t quite have the prominence, real or imagined, that I have. I’ll still keep fighting for SV to become ranged again(which is a fight I still believe is winning). I’ll still fight to make the class more than just the BM spec. I’ll still encourage everyone what true potential the Marksmanship spec REALLY has. Despite being at the bottom of the totem pole, I had a blast turning the world(of Warcraft) upside down in the mean streets of Stormwind, Ironforge, and Boralus.

In summary, I’m thankful for these six years of maining Hunter and the personal growth I had from it.

–Zerkhal, the Jackal of Stormwind


SV will stay melee.


Umm…nearly 7 years later, MSV is still going. Nearly 7 years later people are still going on about this. This is like complaining that Hunters cannot use any weapon in the game anymore.


I have no idea who you are, or why you wrote the blog post to say you are turning off warmode. Nobody cares


it’s not like you are quitting the rolling stones bro. It’s a (bad) game. Your self importance is astounding.


Although I agree that survival should be ranged, the rest of your post is just cringe

Isn’t there a PVP forum?

Whatever you did to access such an open secret, you wouldn’t be the only one.

I never said it wasn’t going. It’s going, but it’s also LOSING. It’s bleeding chips at the poker table. Why hasn’t it been the case that there’s a LEGGO 2H weapon SV’s can use, or better yet a weapon exclusive to the SV spec? And you really don’t know what the 10.0 future holds. Blizzcon just got cancelled, so GL getting anything about the new expansion for a while.

Is there anything you’ve given in contribution to the class, that I should care about what you say? Let your ACTIONS do the talking first, and then you can talk about it. From what I see, you’re a Moon Guarder and got some ratings, likely as a BM. Not a very telling story at a glance; you did what most semi-serious Hunters did.

You’re more than welcome to get me hooked, but if your attitude is hinting any you did far less than me.

I started doing this in Warlords, when the game was still good.

Then I’m sorry you’re having this kind of experience with the Hunter class. I can make this easy and just tell you to reroll because this class was a bigger deal to some than you.

This is about the Hunter class, not about PVP. That’s ancillary to what I was doing WITH the Hunter class.

This post is Epic in quality. I cant imagine ever writing such a post. May the Jackal Winds always be at your back!

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Nice. I cancel my sub once a month and write this as my reason for leaving. Of course, it doesn’t mean a hell of a lot after I resub again. I understand they don’t want to make the 3 people who play the spec. sad, but from a Utilitarian perspective…!

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You had me digging into Ace Combat Zero. “My soul shall be the wind that enters the gate [to the new world].”

And even now, it’s better than Marksmanship. I was maining the worst spec the whole time. It’s the GRENADES that’s been buzzed about. No one has bragged about Raptors/Mongooses or Carves, unless how the latter helps recharge grenades. Not to mention Wildfire Cluster; who wants to remember you primarily use a 2H weapon?

Nades are the bee’s knees, and it’s something I can get behind as a ranged concept.

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