[A] <Fallen Covenant> Ceal/Nagrand/Saurfang Is recruiting!

Hey all!
Fallen Covenant is a Aussie based guild on Caelestrasz/Nagrand/Saurfang committed on Community/Raiding and the Social aspect of World of Warcraft. We are a chilled guild that only focus is to make sure you’re getting what you want out of the game and have a comfortable place to do so while making friends!

Guild Aim
We welcome all players even if you don’t want to raid and you want somewhere to hang out, we do allot more like.

  • Old Content
  • Guild Games/Events
  • Mythic Dungeons (including keys)
  • Saturday social raid nights
    And much more

We are currently in the process of making a Core Raid Team for Shadowlands. So if you’re interested in raiding next expansion then feel free to join us as we get ready for the new raid tier. We do not focus on Hardcore raiding… we focus on having fun… having a laugh and still manage to progress smoothly through raid content.

Currently Needed

  • 1 Tank
  • 1 Healer
  • 4 Dps mix of melee, ranged.

But don’t look at what we need and think i can’t join, that’s not it. We welcome ALL! to the guild… and we could even decide to grow the raid team out and that would be amazing!

So if you’re interested in join us. Or you have more questions please let us know! :slightly_smiling_face:

Shimmez / Arkay#6290 (Bnet) - Guild Master
Natsukurama / Natsu#13793 (Bnet) - Co-GM