[A] Faerlina | <will fight anyone> | Semi-Hardcore | Mon/Tues 8:30pm-12am EST | LF DwarfPriest/Fury Warr/HPal + any exceptional players

will fight anyone [A] | Faerlina | Mon/Tue 9:00pm - 12:00am EDT (8:30 invites)

Our Goal

First and foremost, our goal is to have fun and build a community of players who enjoy experiencing the game together in a more “serious” fashion.

Another goal of ours is to complete PvE content as quickly as possible. We’re strong believers in the philosophy that there’s no reason to be sitting in BWL/MC for 4 hours a week when you can clear it in less than 1!

Our leadership core has experience playing at a high level both in Classic and in Retail; we know what’s coming with Naxx and are planning to lead the guild through a successful clear of it on the first week it releases.

Our BWL and MC clears are both around ~30 minutes on normal raid nights. Our quickest BWL at the moment is 26:13. Our fastest AQ40 is 52:24

We do not recruit for the bench and will never run a second raid team (besides alts)


With our two main goals listed above there are some expectations we will have for our players that we want to make abundantly clear, they’re quite simple:

1) Be on time to raid (preferably 30 minutes before for invites, but sometimes life happens and we understand that)
2) Play outside of raid, farm your pre-raid BiS, participate in world pvp, etc.
3) Know your class and come prepared:
    a) Have optimal gear, enchants, consumables
    b) Understand your skill rotation
    c) Be specd correctly
4) Be present mentally during raid times.

Recruitment Needs

Warrior DPS (Fury)
Priest Heals (Dwarf pref but not required)
Resto Druid

All exceptional players are encouraged to reach out, regardless of their class/spec.


Our leadership is brazen and will call out players who make mistakes, especially if they make them repetitively; if you’re constantly dying to a mechanic or wiping the raid, expect to get called out on it. If you’re dragging on the DPS, you’ll hear about it.

Our culture does and will revolve around skill, knowledge, and general memery. If you’re a special snowflake and can’t handle criticism or conflict, this is not the place for you.

Discord: (discord is locked DM me for perms)

Link to our WCL if you wanna check us out: https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/guild/rankings/488953/latest/#fightmetric=speed

My battle tag is Unity#11270, you can also get in contact with Medium#11581


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Semi Hardcore