[A] <Expac> SoM guild - Mon/Wed 9pm-12am EST

Server: Jom Gabbar (PvP-East)
Loot System: Loot Council
Faction: Alliance

[Expac] is a semi-hardcore guild that started in 2020 as a Legacy raiding guild. Our goal was to clear each expansions content at the appropriate level and then move to the next expansion. However we soon found out that most of the old raids are extremely buggy and only made it as far as WotLK. We then moved on to Shadowlands when it was released and achieved AotC for the first raid, Castle Nathria. The content draught, however, led to a lot of us going to other games, but SoM caught our attention and we decided to come back for it.

We are a very chill group of people and like to have fun during raids, but we also take raiding seriously. We expect our members to come prepared for raids with consumables, knowledge of your class and boss fights. We understand that not everyone has been playing wow for over a decade and we are more than willing to help newer players to understand the game and their class.

Loot System
We will be using a Loot Council to distribute loot. The council will decide based on a players performance, attendance, contributions to the guild, activity outside of raids, and who will benefit the most from the piece. With the accelerated content release schedule we will aim to make sure everyone is equally geared going into the next raid.

Raid Times
As of now, we are planning to have raids on Monday and Wednesday from 9pm to 12am EST. We may add in an extra day for progression if needed, and to rerun older raids for any gear still needed (alts will be welcomed to these raids if your main doesnt need any loot).

We require that everyone performs to the best of their abilities, and that you are fine with taking criticism from others if you are underperforming. All raiders will be required to have near pre-raid BiS gear before the first raid, to bring all the consumables that they need, and to know the boss fights prior to raid to help speed up progression. We will do a brief run down on mechanics before fights, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t all ready know them.

Who we want
We are looking for all players who want to raid as well as casuals who just want a place to chill and have fun. As of now we are mainly in need of Priests, Warlocks, and Mages, but all classes are still welcomed.

If interested you can message any Officer on discord with any questions, or go ahead and join the Discord and someone will contact you.

Discord: https://discord.gg/VteQqVmHEX
Officers: Ravyn#6355, Kaio#9000, OneHitYouQuit#3885, Iscariot#6783, mordanin#1843


We are looking for players still come join in we will be open for new members always!

Still looking for more players come and check us out we are always down to help newer players as well!

Hello All! I’d love to join you guys for SoM. I wont be restarting my sub until closer to launch date but I can be added on bnet Rockets#11534.

Thanks! (Also what classes are you guys looking for? Not sure if meta will change due to PvE changes or not)

Hey there! We’d love to have ya.

We currently have 3 tanks and are theorycrafting the rest of the lineup for the most part. If there’s something you prefer to play, go for it. If you want more input, join the Discord in the meantime and we’ll have more information by launch hopefully!

We are always recruiting!

Still looking for more guildies! We welcome new players as well as Vets !

Ratio + who asked

join up boys we always accepting

Recruiting for SoM !! Join now !

We are still looking for more players we are always open to new/vets we are always willing to help players and assist as much as we can as a team. Come and gain an amazing raid exp!

lets do this boys and girls. Still looking for members!

Still looking for some players! Come have a great time we are always willing to help new players out!

We are still looking for players come join us ! We love to see some mages/priests atm as well!@

We always looking for new people to join! We accept anyone and are willing to help people out as much as possible.

Still looking for more people to join! We could use more mages but all classes are welcomed

We are still looking for people, all classes are welcomed!

how are you on Warlocks?

Still taking all players

Still looking for players, all classes welcomed