[A] [EST] [PAGLE] <Triumvirate> | Multi-Team Raiding & Community 15/15 & 14/15 Naxx

Uppity up we go!

Updated needs again!

To the tippity top and don’t stop!

Yes… please blizzard, let me complete this sentence.

Added a weekend team and updated openings!

Updated Guardians needs and additional info for Wyld Hunt!

Opened up another slot or two. Come give us a look!

Got more slots open as Guardians undergoes a transition!

Return to the top from whence you came!

That moment when your Classic toon is higher level than retail lolol!

SL or Naxx… bets placed yet?

Naxx woop woop!

Up and coming with updates!

Updated it all again! Looking for a few select slots!

Updated again!

Updated recruitment needs and progressions!

To stay in shape, we must return to the top!

Updated 15/15 Mystic and 13/15 Guardians! On the lookout for TBC gang too!

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If you are looking for a supportive home for Classic TBC, this will be your place.

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To the tippity top!