[A] <Epitaph> LF Social PvE / PvP of All Levels

If you are reading this, then you are qualified already (because you know how to read).

We are starting up again! Epitaph has a rich tradition and history (during late BC and WotLK days), which trailed off.

Currently, the game has shifted to a fast-paced, who-cares-where-you-are-if-you-aren’t-raiding vibe. Sure, but we know there are those of you out there who’d like quality conversations and fun. Let’s kick it back old-school and chill in-game (yeah you can be intense too. We will let you be).

Our requirements are simple, you:

  1. Have the commitment to play despite your busy schedule (1-2 hours a day);
  2. Possess integrity;
  3. Are not a cupcake; and,
  4. Are willing to build a great social culture that is helpful, polite, and fun-loving (it is a game after all).

Shoot us an application in-game, you can whisper too. People are just too stressed nowadays. I have enough of that at work.