[A] <Elite Casuals> 10/10H - Sat/Sun 730p-10p - LFM

Updated roles we are looking for have been posted. Come join us!

Looking for more!!

Bumpity bump bump bump.

Hello all =D thanks for the invite.

Still looking for more!

Missing DPS. Come one come all!

Just need a few more dps so we can get to 10/10!

still looking for a few more pplz to help us get that core crew!

Hunters, Monks, DHs where you be!

Come raid with a chill group! Making progress on Denathirus

Looking for some great dps!

Melee! We are in need.

Still looking to full our raid! Come join us!

Join us!!!

Resto shamans? Where you be hiding?

13%… We’re nearing a death!

WTB a Resto Shaman… Hello? Are you out there?

To the top!

Still looking to add more to our roster

To the top!