[A] <Elite Casuals> 10/10H - Sat/Sun 730p-10p - LFM

Elite Casuals is just as it sounds, casually elite. We are an adult guild, with a very fun and relaxed raiding atmosphere. We pride ourselves on having fun while smacking raid bosses. We joke around on trash, but buckle down on the bosses. We are an AOTC focused guild, mythic raiding is not our focus.

We know 9.1 is far away, however we are filling our raid with like-minded players, who just want to have fun while raiding. No, raid leader yelling at you, no trial calling you out for bad DPS. We are a toxic-free and drama free guild. We have zero tolerance for toxicity and drama, you will be kicked without question.

Current Progression:
Castle Nathria:

  • 10/10N
  • 10/10H

Raid Times:
Saturday: 7:30pm to 10pm Server(EST)
Sunday: 7:30pm to 10pm Server(EST)

Classes We’re Recruiting:
Ele Shaman

Disc or Holy Priest


Interested? Reach out!

Bumping for visibility.

Hey, I’m interested in applying to the guild. I know you don’t have Fury Warrior in your recruitment list but I would be bringing an MM hunter with me as well >:). I’ve been raiding since TBC and I’m very knowledgeable and competent. I am currently 179 ilvl and still have this week’s mythics to replace a few pieces before Nathria. I added Xylr#1992 but I work weekdays until ~midnight. You can add Gheedish#1815 if you want to reach out to me or just send some mail to Vorniir.

Still looking for more members!

The spirit is willing but the bosses need killing!

Still looking for more members!

Bump it HIGHER!

Almost at a full roster! Join before its too late!

Still looking for mages, a shadow priest, and a disc priest…

Casters… Where are you?

Still looking for mages, a shadow priest, and a disc priest.

Mages??? Where you be?

Hey I’m really amazed that exactly what I wanted in a guild is out there. Most of my availability is only on weekend nights so this is perfect for me. I’m still in the process of gearing but I don’t have anyone to really play with to run mythic but I’m all down. I’ve played since legion but left bfa halfway. I want to see the entire add on library btw or I’m out.


Roster closing in. Really need a Disc Priest for Raids. Where you be?

Hi Reidx I’m a disc priest with previous heroic/mythic experience just came back after an expansion break during BFA I’ve been playing my priest since MOP and raided minimum heroic content. I sent a friend request to someone but my btag is Abathur#11763 looking forward to chatting with you!

Welcome aboard friend!

May be intrested

Add me on BTag so we can chat. Xylr#1992

Looking for a good disc priest and mistweaver monk. Raids start this weekend!!

Looking for a hunter and shadow priest