(A) Ele/resto shaman and/or DPS warrior lf weekend raiding guild

Returning player lf Weekend raiding guild (or possibly 2 night week night guild if start time is after 7pm PST) for Heroic/Mythic NWC.

I currently have a 460 Ele shaman/455 resto and/or 455 DPS warrior (might be willing to tank in a pinch, but would like to avoid). I don’t have a preference between the two characters.

I am looking for more laid back environment, I do have mythic experience, but not more than 1 or 2 bosses this xpac (more in past expansions). I show up on time and have all required consumables and enchants ready, and I like to do M+. Willing to server transfer after the trial phase for the right situation. Hit me up here if I sound like I might fit in with your guild. Thanks for reading.

Reddit on Sargeras raids Tues and Thurs nights from 9pm –midnight central/ sever time. Also do an optional alt /community raid Saturday night, lots of fun!

Currently 11/12N & 11/12H. Mostly just aim for AOTC then hit a few mythic bosses to pass the time between raid tiers.

Most of us are in our 30s. My Battletag is JRoc#1966 and Discord is JRoc#5400. Hit me up and lets chat!

Hello, would you be intereted in joining us?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi Bruthless, we def could use another good ele or warrior dps for our team. More info in my recruitment post as follows: [A] Something Shiny 10/12M - lfm dps


We are looking for an ele shaman right now - if you are still looking for a guild. We downed 2 mythic bosses this last week, ill leave our general spam here with my btag. Just hit me up in game if you want to talk.

Newly reformed guild made by Cutting Edge raiders. Leadership of guild has been raiding content since the beginning of game, Obtained CE level things before it was CE (Immortal title).

Core of previous guild coming back, just need to fill out ranks to return to raiding. Looking for players who can be efficient, and have fun. We are all too busy to raid a lot, so we must raid well to get CE.

Raid times: Sat/Sun 7-11 pm server time.

Battletag Vycos#1655

We have started to push mythics, and are looking for a few more players who are mythic ready to join the team.