[A] <Edict> sales: Closed

We are no longer running sales with the expansion at its end. Thank you for all those who’ve come to runs. We will be doing more sales in the future!


Prices are now updated :slight_smile:

How about a simple +15 run?

Still looking for more for this Weds run :slight_smile:

Running tonight! Sign up now ^.^

Prices updated once again!

Interested in a jaina mount run

I hate leveling, any chance for a party sync power level or a power leveling service?

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Sent you a friend request for the Uncorrupted Voidwing.

Contact Alshor on discord (Alshor#0830) or battletag (Alshor#1136) if interested in a sale please.

Got my Uncorrupted Voidwing tonight. Very smooth run and I highly recommend these guys.

We are now also selling 5 mask visions (no side objectives).

Updated sales, we’re now offering Keystone Master. A few of our prices are a bit cheaper now also.

Another update & offering a few more mythic bosses!

Just reduced the price for the Mythic Jaina mount, get yours today!

Prices dipped again!

Still selling.

“Jaina Mount” …do ride her piggy back or on her shoulder?

Now selling other mythic bosses!

Now selling Mythic Nzoth mounts! Check our website for more info!