[A] <Edict> sales: AoTC & M-Jaina mount

Formerly known as Pact, Edict is once again starting sales.

What we are currently offering:
AoTC which rewards the Uncorrupted Voidwing mount: 200k

Glacial Tidestorm off Mythic Jaina: 1.5m

Heroic Ny’alotha full clear: 500k

Mythic Ny’alotha 3/12 with each boss is 600k or for the first three is 1.25m.

Keystones (May vary depending on gear/key/affixes):
+15 Keystone not completed in time: 250k
+15 Keystone completed in time: 280k

Keystone Master which is a +15 of every dungeon and gives the Awakened Mindborer mount is 2.9m

Vision 5 mask no side objectives: 300k

This vision run will give a guaranteed 470 item level from the main chest. We do require you to stay in the starting area to make the vision easier so you will not get any credit for the side bosses for quests or the side chests at the end.

Jaina mount runs occur on Wednesday 9pm server. AotC N’zoth runs occur on Wednesday or Friday at 9pm server. Heroic Ny’alotha runs occur on Friday 9pm server. Mythic Ny’alotha runs occur on Saturday 9pm server. Keystone and vision times are variable. For more information you can check out our sales page: `https://sites.google.com/view/edictmg/sales

If you want to directly book for a sale for Ny’alotha or Jaina mount contact Alshor via discord (Alshor#0830) or battletag (Alshor#1136).

If you want to directly book for a sale for Visions or Keystones contact Whirlwind via discord (Leroy#4171) or battletag (Leroy#1239).

Prices are now updated :slight_smile:

How about a simple +15 run?

Still looking for more for this Weds run :slight_smile:

Running tonight! Sign up now ^.^

Prices updated once again!

Interested in a jaina mount run

I hate leveling, any chance for a party sync power level or a power leveling service?

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Sent you a friend request for the Uncorrupted Voidwing.

Contact Alshor on discord (Alshor#0830) or battletag (Alshor#1136) if interested in a sale please.

Got my Uncorrupted Voidwing tonight. Very smooth run and I highly recommend these guys.

We are now also selling 5 mask visions (no side objectives).

Updated sales, we’re now offering Keystone Master. A few of our prices are a bit cheaper now also.