[A] East Side Whelps LFM Weekend Raiding

East Side Whelps | Smolderweb [A] | Sat Progression/Current Tier 6-9ST - Sun 2-5ST Clean Up/Previous Tier

East Side Whelps | Smolderweb [A] | Sat Progression/Current Tier 6-9ST - Sun 2-5ST Clean Up/Previous Tier

Who we are

East Side Whelps is a tight knit community of gamers, with experienced raiding members going all the way back to Vanilla. On any given night, you will typically find us having a good time on our Discord in one big channel, running dungeons or helping each other out. Our door is always open to new people who enjoy spending their time in Azeroth (and other games) as well. Our core team have previously completed 8/8 BWL, though we are currently in a rebuilding process. This will change as we round out our final raid spots (which hopefully includes you!).


We are heavily recruiting Healers and DPS to round out our raid roster. Though we are open to interest from any skilled player.

Classes in Demand

Warrior, Paladin, Priest - High

Druid (Restoration), Mage - Medium

Warlock, Rogue - Low

Hunter - Full


We are primarily focused on raiding. We will run Saturday 6pm-9pm ST BWL(or relevant Progression), and Sunday 2pm-5pm ST MC(or relevant Clean Up/Farm). We play this game to kill bosses and get loot, but we are not “hardcore”.

  • Positive attitude, constructive and willing to take performance feedback

  • Know your class, what to bring to raid, and when to pay attention

  • Discord communications

  • Able to make most raid nights, though we understand RL>WOW

  • Represent East Side Whelps with a high level of distinction

  • We don’t demand you bring full consumables and world buffs every single night.

  • Only for progression

  • We don’t expect you to get 100 percentile parses.

We will have people providing opportunities to get your world buffs, and we do expect you to perform well and know your role. As a community, our priority is to not only provide a safe and enjoyable place to enjoy this game, but to also clear content effectively. Our end goal is to continue into AQ40 and eventually Naxxramas.


Loot has not been fully decided yet, though we are leaning heavily toward some form of DKP system. Should that be the case, it is a fantastic time to get in on the ground level of a brand new DKP system where we will all start at 0.

General Expectations

We expect every member to do their job. Show up on time for your invite and be in the right place to get your possible world buffs. We understand that life happens and sometimes you will be late or need to step away from the computer, but don’t be upset if you find your spot filled by someone on standby. We will not hold it against you if you don’t hold it against us. While in raid we expect you to be on Discord and paying attention. If you are given a job, you are expected to execute it. On progression nights, we may expect you to bring a significant stash of consumables (TBD).


In conclusion: we are a group of experienced raiders, with most of us having played this game for half of our lives. While we are generally casual, we expect you to be prepared and do your job when it’s raid time. You don’t have to like everyone you meet here, but we expect you to not go out of your way to start drama or be an issue. Please leave your ego at the door.

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Sounds like a great community. Currently looking for a raiding guild with my friends. Mage, hunter, warrior, and a holly pally.

Where do we apply

Still looking for Pally & Priest healers & more melee dps