[A] <Dreambound> Herioc Endgame Guild Recruiting

Hello everyone! I am looking to rebuild my small tight-knit guild back up for Shadowlands.

I will get straight to the point we are a Heroic AoTC endgame guild that also puts a big emphasis on guild M+ runs.

Primary Objectives:

-AoTC each Shadowlands tier. (was successful at doing this for Uldir, Battle, and Ny’alotha my real life had some major obligations that caused a hiatus for 8.2 going forward this thankfully wont be an issue anymore!)

-Meta Achievement for each tier once its on farm before next patch

-Strive to run as many full guild M+ keystones during the week as possible, I feel like to many players don’t get to experience keys they should not be something to be afraid of and something everyone gets in on!

Raid times will be Friday Nights only! one day a week easy and approachable 7pm PST starts for 4 hours.

Thursday nights at 7pm PST will be Guild M+ nights rotating groups and making sure everyone get in as we coordinate with voip. (That being said I am always going to be available nearly every single night over the course of SL and Keystones are something that will happen regularly)

Players of all skill levels are welcome, I really enjoy helping newer players or just players that have never dipped their toes into group content feel at home and comfortable to play and progress. Everyone needs to have a chance to experience this side of the game a good guild and core group of friends makes it possible to play through xpacs even like BfA! xD

I never want to compromise the friends and family side of the game and this is why Heroic is our endgame we will always strive to help people be able to contribute and never make cuts because it would be easier to clear dropping “dead weight”. Me and some friends are very eager to make more and lasting memories going forward!

Please contact me with any questions! Natalone#1595 for BNET Natalone#5705 for Discord! In game on Natadawn, Natadusk, Natalone the most /who Nata /who Dreambound-Teneras!!!

Still looking for a few more members to start rounding out the raid and keystone groups nicely! I wish more people came to the forum!!

I’ve been looking for some folks to play with on Terenas for my alliance toon. Probably not in a raiding role but I love running mythic +'s.

Hello! thank you for replying currently I only have myself and 7 others playing but the activity has been very bare bones now. feel free to add me but until 9.1 I don’t see much of a major resurgence. I wish this was not the case.