[A] <Draconic Savant> 8/9M (CE ATSC/VOTI) LF Tank and DPS for reclears and beyond

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! Still looking for ranged dps! c:

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Happy Wednesday

Wednesday is nearly over but do you have a guild for Dragonflight :wink:

Still looking for ranged dps! c:

Just one more day until the weekend, but we are still looking for ranged dps.

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Looking for exceptional returning or current: warlocks, boomkins, and mages.

Is this the same guild/members from an old guild that my character is still a part of? Fun group, was just curious.

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Hey Kidrogue -

It is not the same Draconic Savant; however, it does trace its namesake back to that very same guild. Draconic Savant of Bloodscalp transferred to Bleeding Hollow in Cataclysm before MOP and then again to Korgath before the guild called it quits.

As to why this Draconic Savant traces it names back to that one: I was a member of Draconic Savant during ICC and the start of Cata. I always loved the name and wanted to bring it back since it had been dead for about 5 years.

Need 1 mage and 1 balance druid

More ranged please?

We are expanding our trial slots to accommodate more players for Dragonflight.

pre-patch is coming :o

Prepatch announced! Time for a guild home

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Booooooooop :D.

DF is quickly approaching :open_mouth:

Back up! DF is just around the corner!