[A] <Distorted> - Pagle Weeknight 25 player EST

Distorted is seeking like-minded raiders to help round out our 25 person raid team! We are semi-casual and have cleared all current 25 player content including OS+3D. Currently we are working towards preparing for Ulduar and P2 content. Newcomers, Veterans, and returning players are all welcome among our ranks!

Who we are:
We are a group of raiders looking to relive the WotLK experience at pace that is easily digestible. Our goal is to down bosses and collect achievements, all at a pace that promotes healthy progression. If you’re looking for World First, we aren’t the guild for you. We want to encourage our teammates to play their characters as optimally as possible while also remembering that we are playing a game to have fun.

Our Raid Schedule/Info:
Tuesday and Thursday 7-10pm EST
Our Progress is 17/17 Twilight Vanquishers (OS+3D)
We run heroics, alt runs, and 10 player raids on off nights.
We will be using MS>OS for 10 player raids and Loot Council for 25 player raids using the RCLootCouncil addon.

Roster Needs:
Currently, our top priority classes are -
Combat Rogue - High
Fire Mage - High
Arcane Mage -High
Balance Druid - Medium
Shadow Priest - Medium
Disc Priest - Medium
Holy Paladin - Medium

But we are willing to trial any exceptional players.

For More Info, please reach out to the leadership and we will answer any questions you may have.



Or In Game:
Carthir - Recruitment
Summerpriest - Co-GM/Recruitment

We look forward to hearing from you!!