[A] <Disorientated> 10/10H Recruiting

Greetings! We are Disorientated (both in name and spirit)!

The Important Bits

Disorientated is an Alliance raiding guild on US-Stormrage. We are focused on Heroic progression and recently achieved AOTC for Castle Nathria, so we are looking to round out our team in preparation for 9.1 while we continue to gear up and get AOTC for those who missed it.

Raid nights are Tuesday and Friday 8-11pm EST. We are currently on the lookout for a good rogue and/or a WW monk, and have one spot left for a good Hpal or Rsham.

We realize that not everyone has the time to dedicate to raiding but wants a fun environment to call home, so we’re open to inviting like-minded people who are looking for a group to run m+ with or just chill and chat while playing.

The Rest

If you’re still reading you probably want to know what our guild is like – well we have two overarching goals 1) to have fun, and 2) to get AOTC each tier. We recognize that WoW is ultimately a game and want to provide a place where you can unwind and forget the day. That said we do expect our team to show up prepared for raid nights – we’re looking for people who are willing to put in a little bit of work to research fights, their class/spec, and consistently show up and perform. We’ll chat and joke around A LOT during trash (always keep an eye out for life grips and swapblasting), but when the pull timer comes up it’s all business.

Outside of raid nights guildies can be found pushing keys, leveling alts, or even *gasp* PvPing. Usually, we’ll put together an alt or timewalking raid on the weekends so people can try different roles and gear up alts (or future mains) and have some fun playing other classes/specs/roles.


We can be reached on B-net at:
  • Toasted21#1832 (Brutalle, Main Tank)
  • ksir37#1289 (Ferwin, Raid Lead)
  • Ryouice#11303 (Ryouice, GM)

You can also hop in our Discord at https:// discord.gg/PBS5BBk9r6 and leave us a message in the #recruitment-chat channel. Typically, there’s someone on who can tag an officer to talk with you, but please be patient as our availability can be limited at times.

Sent a request

I sent a request to the RL! I look forward to hearing from one of you! :slight_smile:

I reminded Ferwin, if you don’t hear from him add me or hop on our discord :smiley:

amazing guild - joined just for casual raiding - sometimes people make big derpy derpy moves and im amazed the raid lead and guild lead arent frothing at the mouth lol.

and no ok maybe im the one that makes the derp move.

overall rly chill - actually feels like gaming with friends and not a job.

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You just have to watch out for Tiny’s farts…there’s a reason why we have him stand across the room from us >_>

The post in the night goes bump bump bump

Joining would be a no brainer

Long time, daily player here looking for a more active guild. All my close friends have moved on from playing and my current guild is playing at a slower pace than I, so I find myself pugging most things I do. You’re guild has intrigued me.

If I may ask, what is the age range of your players?

Hey there! We’ve got a fairly broad range of ages. Without knowing precisely, roughly mid-20s to 50ish. We’ve found that mentality is more important than age, and why we all enjoy playing together.

If you want to talk more add one of us on bnet or hop in our discord!

Mythic Monday’s start tomorrow! Come join in on the shenanigans =D

Still looking for a couple more DPS to round out our roster for 9.1!


Do you guys have many late night active members?

Depends on your definition of many and late night. Most of the guild is East Coast, but there’s a smattering of people through Central/Mountain/Pacific time zones that are on until 1-2am EST. There’s usually 2-5 people online until then from what I’ve seen.

Yeah, but you have to put up with me :slight_smile:

I mean me… :slight_smile:

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Monks are cool.