[A] <Disciples of Death> are recruiting Weekend Evening Raiders for 2nd Group

Disciples of Death is a semi-hardcore guild looking to finish out a second raiding team. Our first raid group is clearing all content in under 90m now! We are more laid back than some of the super try-hard guilds, while still able to clear all content easily. These are not a Primary and Secondary raids for the Starters and Benchwarmers. This is more of two main raids in separate time blocks, with each raid having an individual roster and loot council. You are joining a fully fledged raid team coming in at the ground floor.

Class Needs:

  • Fury Warriors
  • Rogues
  • 1x Holy Paladin
  • Warlocks

Raid Times:
We raid Saturdays and Sundays, 7:30pm-10:30pm server. A third off day will be added in the future for splits/farm raids.

Loot System: We are a full LC guild with prio lists on a guild and class specific level accessible to be viewed by anyone.

About us: Around since 2005, started by a core group of friends, DoD has been through all of the content in one form or another. We have successfully integrated smaller guilds into ours with no feelings of cliques or segregation. All of our members will testify that they feel the LC is transparent and fair. Feel free to message any member online about our culture/LC/day to day workings.

Define Semi-hardcore: We simply ask that you show up to raid reliably and utilize the tools at your disposal to ensure a consistency throughout your membership. Consumables are encouraged, not required. Alts are again recommended as we do have content on farm, but not necessary. We run with 1 Nightfall Ret, 1 Feral Kitty (Bear when necessary), 1 Boomkin and 1 Spriest. We simply want everyone in the guild to succeed together by working together and consistently!

Contacts: (IGN - Discord - Battle.net)
Flidais [Hunter/CRM LC] - @Flidais - Scottiedog#1551

Aven [Mage/CRM LC] - @Aven - Aveneva#1318

Typhonus [MT/Warr Class Lead] - @Typhonus - Typhonus#11785)

Ă‚ssassinator [GM/Warlock Lead] - @Assassinator Disciples of Death - xxBNETxx