A destitute vagabond

I’m sorry my English is not so good, but I still want to tell you my story. I fought intermittently for more than ten years on mainland China server before they were shut down. A few years ago, I created my own casual guild on a classic server called FARAX, and made many friends. The guild had over 100 people online at the same time every day. It was a happy and friendly time, from the 60s to the 70s, and every RIAD went through the wilderness of opening up. However, good times are always short-lived. Just before entering the 80s, our server was merged into another one, and in this migration, the guild lost half of its members. Some lost contact and others were tired of entering a strange and noisy environment, so they chose to leave. After the migration, my iron-clad comrades still had enthusiasm. After all, we had never participated in the battle of the Lich King in mainland China. We formed four RAID teams, each with four leaders responsible for team management and activities. However, as everyone should have heard, when we were just about to enter the second phase, the service in mainland China was terminated. On January 24, 2023, all servers shut down, and we lost everything.
On our guild’s social media, we discussed what to do next but couldn’t come to a decision. There were various ideas: some wanted to move to servers in Hong Kong or Taiwan, some decided to retire, some wanted to join newly opened international servers, some wanted to go to other overseas servers, and some wanted to join private servers. I felt tired and told everyone to choose freely. Now, my whole family has moved to Toronto, and I don’t know if there are any lovely players here. My wife and I are both longtime players; I am a healer and she is a tank. If possible, we hope to find a casual guild, preferably local to Toronto. I am already old, and my son is all grown up, but I hope to find a friendly guild to make my wow-journey end without too much pain.

I am sorry to hear your journey has been difficult.
We would love to chat with you.
[H] - DARK KNIGHTS OF SYLVANAS -Semi-Casual - (PvE) (WotLK)
Raid Times: Wed/Thu & Fri / Sat -(25m pug) - 7:30-10pm Server-(Eastern)
Needs: Filling Second Core Team -(Fri Raid Time)- All spots immediately available.
Filling 25m -(Sat Raid)- Positions available. Inquire on availability.
Loot: MS/OS+1
Progress: T8-13/14 - 10m
T8 8/14 - 25m
Bnet- Nemesis#1349 - Discord- Planeswaker94#8509

Hi, I can not find your server.

Ashkandi- East coast US-PVE
Guild - Dark Knights of Sylvanas
Contact Bnet: Nemesis#1359
Discord: Planeswalker94#8509