[A] <Despotism> Recruiting for Fri/Sat Night Raiding (8/8 in BWL)

[A] Despotism is recruiting for Friday and Saturday night raiding.

Currently looking for a few people of any class/role (though a rogue/warlock or two would be much appreciated).

Our first week of raiding (early January) we cleared 10/10 MC and Onyxia in a night and a half with 30+ PUGs. Currently 8/8 in BWL.

Despotism’s raid times are Friday and Saturday from 8 EST/7 CST/5 PST to 12 EST/11 CST/5 PST. Many of our guild members are working professionals who can’t be up late other nights of the week.

Our goal is simple: to be able to successfully clear all classic content on a two night schedule with considerate people. Despotism achieved this goal on the hardest difficulty in a non-toxic environment from Cataclysm to Warlords of Draenor.

We’re playing more casually now, but we still think it’s possible to see all the game has to offer without having to dedicate most of our time to it. Even when other raid content unlocks, we will stick to our two night schedule.

If you’d like to find out more or join, contact me in-game on Sarm, on Discord at Balkoth#0313, or in Battlenet at Balkoth#1847. You can also contact Stubborn in-game or at Stubborn#1910 in Battlenet.

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Maybe we should add what classes we want to recruit most?

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Added that.

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Still recruiting, pst us if you’re on Westfall and want to raid.

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Still recruiting, currently need one more paladin (prot/ret preferred), 1-2 more dps warriors, 1-2 more rogues. Pst if interested.

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“(prot/ret preferred)”

i have heard it all.

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Someone out there is saying “my time has come” lol.

Let’s rephrase it as “We need at least one more Paladin and will accept Prot/Ret over not having another paladin at all.”

Currently looking for another healer or two (Paladins) and a handful of DPS (Hunters/Rogues/Warlocks/Warriors/Paladins).

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Still looking for committed raiders who are working professionals and don’t have a ton of time during the week.

Flamegor’s down and Chromaggus under 20%, maybe get 8/8 next week!

8/8 after 5 weeks with a casual guild. love these guys. I’m one of them!

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Having fun killing stuff!!

Could REALLY use some Hunters, only have two at the moment!

Do you have any room for holy pallies?

I would hug a hunter to my large Dwarf bosoms and call him George. Of course I would gladly hug others, gnomes my get smothered.

Have room for a handful of people, Rogues/Warlocks preferred but can fit in just about anything.

Looking for players wanting to kill monsters fast :slight_smile: