[A] <Descendants of Lore> (17+ Year Guild) LF DPS [Sat/Sun Raids 4pm-8pm CST]

Still looking

Still looking for a few more raiders and long term members.

willing to accommodate someone if they were to say, come level a toon to raid? as in help me gear and get raid ready ect? Im very down to heal

Generally our members are willing to help someone gear up if they seem to be working hard on their own as well.

We are on the smaller side so will depend on the days and times you play also.

so would you say the guild just raid logs?

We are still recruiting. We are a long term guild who consistently raids and still have members running daily M+. While we have been hit by the New World, Diablo 2, no new content bug like everyone else we are still active and raiding.

We are still recruiting. We are consistently raiding and pushing keys almost daily.

We are looking to get our roster up to 20 to dip a toe or two into Mythic bosses.

We could potentially take on a smaller guild or group that has lost too many people to raid.

We have a community channel that we use with recruits so they can come to our raids and run some 5 mans with us and get to know us before making the plunge.

Come check us out if you have been looking. We raid Saturday and Sunday this week from 4pm-8pm.

Still recruiting.

We have exactly 6 spots left. 4-5 DPS and 1-2 Heals. We can possibly substitute a tank for one of the DPS spots, but only for the right person.

No one sits on the bench. All have raid spots.

Raid tomorrow if you want to see how we raid and get along.

Bumpity bump bump

Edited. Looking for 1 DK (Tank or DPS), 1 Boomkin, and 1 Healer

Just looking for a few more.

We are still looking

Still looking for Boomkin, DK, and 1 heals. Would consider a tank for the right fit/person.

Bumping, Still looking for DK, Mage, Boomkin, and 1 heals.

Still looking

Looking for 4 more to join our team. Preferably, 1 heals, DK, Mage, and a Boomkin but would consider other classes for the right fit to our guild.

Still looking

Still looking for a DK, Mage, and 1 more healer.

We are still looking. Could possibly absorb a smaller guild or group for the right group of people.

You are home. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a consistent guild that wont disband when things slow down? Join us and you could be home.