[A] <Deadbeats> Netherwind PvP - Hardcore - 52min AQ / 27min BWL

[Alliance] Netherwind | NA-PVP | Tues/Wed 2000-2300 | Thurs/Mon 2000-2300 |Hardcore| 9/9 AQ40 | 52min AQ40 / 27min BWL | Loot Council

We are looking for talented, dedicated, and mature players for our raid teams. Our guild core and leadership are 15/15 Naxxramas experienced players, spanning several servers over many years. In addition to running two competitive raid teams, we also offer alt runs, weekly PUGs, multiple ZG runs, and speed clears. We are looking for like-minded players to join us on this epic journey.

Raid Schedule : Tuesday / Wednesday | Thursday / Monday 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST (2000-2300)

Loot Distribution : Loot will be done via loot council. Primary factors are attendance, performance, Best in Slot for class and size of the upgrade.

Guild Member Expectations - Be a mature, professional person with a positive attitude, and a team mentality. - Research your class and raid role, and perform that role to the best of your ability. - Show up to raids on time, and give your best performance the entire time. - Try your best to maintain at least a 90% attendance record. - Communicate with your officers and class leaders, accept and give criticism as needed.

Class Availability
Exceptional Players of all classes Considered
Priest - High
Warlock - Closed
Warrior - High
Paladin - Closed
Druid – Closed
Mage - Low
Rogue - High
Hunter - Closed

Exceptional Players of all classes Considered
Priest - Closed
Warlock - Closed
Warrior - Low
Paladin - Low
Druid - Closed
Mage - High
Rogue - Closed
Hunter - High

We will always consider exceptional candidates of any class

Please fill out the recruitment form here:
https:// forms.gle/NNeEASGXFLjiQTnA6
https:// discord.gg/eFsAtx6