[A - Dalaran] <Cereal Killers> Recruiting for Shadowlands

Very fun place! Lil bump.

Still looking for more!

Bumperino. Need a tank and some DPS. Come join us!

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Come hang out in disc and get silly

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Our CE team is shaping up pretty strong! Shoot any of us a message

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Building a great community!

still looking for more!

Still looking for a couple more awesome people!

Still need 2 tanks and ranged DPS for our mythic team and there is no requirements for our normal/heroic, come have a chat!

Still looking!

Spots open for a few more for the mythic team!!! Everyone welcome for the weekend run! Happy to chat with you if you’re interested ^ ^

Still looking - shoot us a message to chat! Excited to meet you.

Still looking for people-- Send us a message and we will get back to you!

Still looking for 1 tank, flex healer, flex tank and a few DPS for the mythic squad! Reach out to us and we will get back to you asap.

Le bump!!!

Good morning future guildies!

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Hiiiii, still looking!

Bump! Come join us!

Still looking for a tank, flex heal, and a few dps for the mythic roster!

Come join! Looking for one tank and a couple more awesome dps! Returning players are welcome if you have past m experience.