[A] <Da Bishes> 12/12M is recruiting DPS for Shadowlands

Da Bishes is a previous top 20 guild that is recruiting for farm and into Shadowlands. We achieved 12/12M this tier within 6 weeks of raiding.

We are looking for the following with minimum 11/12 xp:

  • Any exceptional DPS, with a preference for DH/range

We raid 8-11 Wednesday/Monday

Expectations are that you know your class, a history of Cutting Edge raiding, and can dish out some serious trash talk when you smash the officers on the meters.

Please be able to dodge fire, be reliable, and you will fight right in

Add winga699#1342 for a chat x

**Please come and help us win the game for the tier, we are strong and want strong men with us to fight nzoth and go to Shadowlands :slight_smile:

Hey there.
12/12M Guardian Druid looking for Mythic raiding guild for Shadowlands.
Jeffy#1665 - hit me up if you’re interested.

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We did it. 12/12M

lf healer, tank & couple of dps

What sort of DPS you looking for and heals? I’ve got a rogue geared up without pushing much Mythic due to guild falling through and a druid just about as geared. Raided seriously back in MoP but have played with friends ever since. Looking to get back into raiding seriously again. I can play pretty much all of these classes and specs: Rogue, Druid, Warrior, Priest and am currently learning Monk BM and MW.

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still looking!

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bumping. looking for big DPS

bump LF DH dps + all other exceptional players

Bumping - Updated recruiting needs

Bump: Still recruiting - specifically healers and dps for SL (DH priority) - pm for chat! Kinners#11819

12/12M multihealer lf guild in shadowlands. Playing druid, priest and shaman. If you are still looking for more heals pls send me a msg @

BUMP - LF DH Priority for SL - CE experience only please.

up we go. still looking for SL pumpers