[A] <Critical Mass> Recruiting | 8/8, 11/11 | Wed / Fri 8pm EST

Long-established guild from Stormrage in retail. We were the only guild on the server (and one of few in all of WoW) to clear all of original vanilla, including Naxx, as current content.

8/8 BWL, 11/11 MC/Onyxia

Open to all committed and talented players
Current class need priority is Fury Warrior, Rogue, Priest and Druid (healers)
Requirements: 60, attuned to MC, Onyxia, BWL / Geared ~T1

Raid times (EST/server): Wednesday / Friday 8PM start

We are looking for guild members, not just numbers to fill a raid roster. We don’t run multiple raids or use raid sign ups. To that end, we have always kept a small, tight-knit community and raid force where all active members maintain high attendance and expect a raid spot as part of a consistent team.

Contact Katrianna or ask for any officer in game, or reach out via direct message on Discord (Katina #7309).