A couple of Assassination suggestions going into DF


I don’t like the randomness of Poison Bomb and it’s such a cool ability, having control to where/when to drop it could be so nice, that’s why it is one of my suggestions, but only for damage is boring and that’s where it links with the other thing I don’t like and that’s the overlapping usages of Shiv (or Improved Shiv), you want to use it on CD to increase your nature damage, you want to wait to use it to dispel an enrage effect, and even to apply a stronger non-lethal poison, that’s too much for one button.

With SotFO 2p set bonus we got an AoE Improved Shiv(++) and I’d like to keep some of that effect into my suggested Poison Bomb, as for the Improved Shiv we take it’s effect out and replace it with a buff button that is missing for Assassination Rogues, as all our CDs are debuffs that lose value when the target dies, even the new ones from the alpha talent tree.

Summing up:

Poison Bomb it a clickable button, it does damage and applies the Improved Shiv effect (x% nature damage) to enemies standing in the area, like a poison Death and Decay.

Improved Shiv loses it’s effect for the Poison Bomb, and now buffs you increasing the damage done, to have a twist the damage is increased based on bleed effects on the target, and if the target dies you keep the effect, a buff effect I feel is missing for Assassination Rogues.


Yeah I couldn’t agree more. I recently started playing assassin rogue and it’s one of my favorite specs. I def think they are lagging behind outlaw and subtlety in terms of overall dps though.

I think some of the Torghast abilities should be re-worked into the 10.0 Talent Tree. Like the one where Ambush puts a 5point Rupture on the target. Or like the one power (might be legendary?) where the more bleeds you have on a target, the more your poison does.

And yeah, I always go for Crimson Tempest over poison bomb because it just seems underwhelming by comparison, it would be better if you could choose when to cast the bomb as opposed to it just being randomly generated.

Lorelay, maybe we can submit some of these suggestions to blizzard?

In the latest alpha build notes this exact talent was spoken about but i dont see its implementation on any of the trees.

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I’d prefer Red ink to be honest it is so good


We need something. We(sin) have spent the entire xpac being pretty much awful. Our aoe is terrible, if not the worst. Our single target is okay, but still not as good as several other classes/specs. I was honestly hoping we’d get some kind of help for season 4 because I want to push keys hard. A couple classes got buffs, but we aren’t even looked at.

Rogue is the least played class by far in M+. Yesterday I checked and we have 162,405. The next lowest is Monk at 249,562. The most played is Druid at 412,485.

Then Assassin itself is the second least played spec after Affliction and by ~100 people. At least Warlock has not only 1 meta spec, but 2 that can reach insanely high keys. But I’m getting off topic. I just want to play what I want to play and I wanna be competitive with it. There used to be a time when gear and spec didn’t matter as long as you knew your class. Class tuning has been atrocious for a long time. We’ve been ignored for far too long.


I dont think its a coincidence that the last time Sin was most viable in M+ we had access to high amount of haste and did not play with Toxic Blade (shiv). Its why i suggest the changes i do. Good M+ specs dont have separate builds for ST/Aoe/Cleave. Its all one build where you just act differently based on the situation (unless youre outlaw in which case you just press the aoe button and go brrrrr). The Sin talent tree is good, but to be competitive there has to be a way to ignore shiv without completely gimping ST.


I would rather have tiny toxic blade replaced with our current two piece tier set . And keep poison bomb as a passive cleave ability.

I wanna know though if since poison bomb is a 2-point talent now, if the chance is doubled per combo point. Right now the talent calculator doesn’t show a difference.
*Edit: it is per the patch notes. The second point now increase the chance to 10% per combo point spent.
50% chance normal
60% chance with deeper stratagem
70% chance with echoing reprimand

100% agree, red ink would be awesome.

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i think i saw a post sayimg it was 4% and 6% rank

they could even split it in 2 if its too strong as its option.

Like First one just apply the poison each thims your weapon poison are applied and on the boost it added to lethal dose so we get the full buff back

What about a Shiv talent that guarantees your next envenom casts poison bomb as well?

I don’t get why we can’t just have poison bomb as an ability to use with like a 10-15 second cooldown. I swapped to this veng demon hunter this season because blizzard ignored us Sin Rogues for the ENTIRE FRICKIN XPAC, and this DH was able to out AoE my Sin Rogue with 40 less ilvl. As a tank… How is that okay? Why do I have to wait for the next xpac to play what I love? There’s not even a guarantee that it’s going to get better.


Have you considered your Assassination rotation might need to be examined.

I’m not saying Assassination couldn’t use some love. But, you are comparing a single target DPS spec to an AoE tank spec.

I agree 100% about the Poison Bomb suggestion. I’ve suggested this or something similar to Dispatch procs ever sense Poison Bomb was introduced.

I guess I should specify. I’ve been playing Sin Rogue since Wrath, my rotation is the least of the problems. I’m talking about M+ in particular. I was able to hit over 3k last season, but I felt I reached my limit with what I was playing. I was #1 sin Rogue on my server even though it’s a med pop. I couldn’t do anything more because no one would take me above +23. Why would they when Hunters, Warlocks and Monks did what I did but much better.

We provide nothing for trash as our Aoe is the absolute worst. Our single target is par at best. There are many classes/specs that out do is in both categories. We shine when we hit bosses in raids with 2 targets. But that’s about it.
But in M+ there’s no reason to take a sin rogue. There’s a reason there are no sin rogues in M+ leaderboards. We didn’t come close to either sub or outlaw in terms of key climbing. It’s the 2nd least played spec in M+ next to Affliction at the bottom but within <100 players. Rogue is even the least played class overall in M+.


I hear you. The thing that makes it suck even more is Blizzards relentless emphasis on AoE content. It would be nice to have some content that doesn’t include fighting through 18 packs of trash mobs.


Red ink should be the Assassination Mastery. Half the ability is already the same, what’s an additional dot gonna hurt. Besides make the stat more valuable and may be able to compete with crit and haste.


You can say that again, I love my rogue alt and assassin is my fave rogue spec fantasy & gameplay, but the AoE is so garbo. I have an equally geared SV hunter alt and the DPS isn’t even close to being comparable lol.