[A]<Coterie>3/9M-Late Night Fri/Sat - LF Tank/Healer/DPS!

Hello from Coterie!!

Looking for an active guild? Guildies to run mythic keystones with? Raid Battle of Dazar'alor? We'd like to invite you to join us.

Raid Times: Friday & Saturday, 10:30 PM EST to 1:30 AM EST.

About us: Coterie is a guild formed during Legion by players that stuck together after our old guild transferred off Stormrage. We are a welcoming and social group of people, many of our members have played together for multiple expansions, and we are always looking to add new members. We like to have fun while raiding, and enjoy the relaxed attitude that comes with that. We only raid 2 nights a week and we try to be as efficient as possible, this means you have to come prepared with your knowledge of the boss fights and your class. As well as the ability and knowledge to sim your gear. If you do not know how to sim your gear, we can help you. We will take players from all levels of progression, our goal is to be successful as a group. We are a low-pressure guild with a desire to progress. We will help you succeed and give you the help you need to perform at a higher level. On nights we are not raiding you can find members pushing keys, running islands, farming achievements or forming groups for PVP content.

Progression: 9/9H, 3/9M

Recruitment: We are currently looking for: Tank/Healer/DPS to round out our main raid team. We are also looking for casual raiders who cannot commit raid every week but have a desire to raid or just to be apart of our community.

Raid Requirements: Gemmed and enchanted gear, consumables (food, flasks, potions), and a positive attitude. We use and require Discord for communication.

If you are interested or have any questions, message our Raid Leader on Discord or Battle net. Please include your character name, spec, and current server.

Discord: Hexxie#3760

Battle net: Chizicle#1335
Still looking!
Bump/Updated. Now 5/8H. Looking for ranged dps.
The search continues.. :)
Still looking for some friendly ranged DPS!
Updated we are now 6/8H.

Still looking for a few more ranged dps.
Where are all you ranged dps hiding? Still looking!
LF ranged dps
Now 8/8H pushing into mythic but need a couple ranged dps.
Bump - Now 1/8M. Looking for casual raiders/Key runners
Looking for Ranged DPS.
Search continues!

Hi, Hexxie!

Updated recruitment. Looking for DPS and Healer.

Bump! Looking for an exceptional healer & tank for immediate spots on the core raid team for Mythic Progression.

For Tanks, please contact: Chris#12923

Looking for raiders!

Looking for a few more good people to round out our roster!