[a] cossies is recruiting - 8/8 BWL best daytime raiding guild in oceania(arugal)

(ARUGAL)COSSIES - Alliance semi-hardcore raiding guild(PvE & PvP)

We are located on ARUGAL but want to extend our invitation to those members on Yojamba and Felstriker who want a DAY TIME RAIDING GUILD.

We are Oceanic’s best daytime raiding guild and we are looking for new members to fill our last core raid spot(s). We are currently 8/8 BWL after the first day of release.

Loot System: DKP
Raid Times: Wednesday & Thursday 1-4pm Server Time.

Healer - Priest, Druid & Paladin
DPS - Balance Druid, Warlock & Hunter

Will consider other classes if you are reliable.

Reliability is our biggest recruitment requirement, levelers and ungeared are welcome as long as you can commit to raiding at lvl 60.

We are a friendly raiding guild that does a lot of activities out of raiding as a group including dungeons and pvp. We expect our raiders to show up to raids in pve spec with consumables. We take raiding seriously and expect everyone to take personal responsibility for your actions in raid, we do however have arguably the most chill raid experiences with no yelling or putting people down ect. Once you join you will not want to raid anywhere else.

If you are interested contact me via my bnet.
Bnet: Shadstar#11503